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This App Lets You Snag Celebrity Endorsements For As Little As $15

Meet and greets have always been a popular event between celebrities and their fans. However, with the pandemic in full swing this past year, obviously it was not the time nor place for meeting with your favorite singer, actress or influencer. For this reason, personalized


Business Is Blooming For Seed Companies & Farmers But Not In A Good Way

The demand of for seeds over the past two growing seasons have spiked significantly due to the pandemic. Gardeners have been looking to expand their gardens, whereas some people have gotten into gardening for the very first time, looking for a new hobby. Keeping bust


Millions Are Unemployed, Yet Businesses Still Struggle To Find Employees

The U.S. unemployment rate has sky rocketed in the past year. Yet despite this, many essential businesses struggle to find employees that stick around. Business owners and managers alike are desperate to find extra help during these busy times. They have increased their wages, enrolled


Vaccine Rollout Has A Surprising Number Of Americans Ready To Travel Again

The authorization and roll out of several COVID-19 vaccines has some travel enthusiasts hopeful for the up and coming year. Not just to get out of their homes, but to travel somewhere more foreign or exotic than the grocery store. New federal guidelines have introduced


How Sales Teams Helped Make Galentine’s Day A Real Holiday

Valentine’s Day is a holiday notorious for over the top romance, chocolates, and roses galore. No matter the grand gesture, at face value, the holiday intends to show appreciation for your significant other. Back in 2010, Amy Poehler and other Parks and Recreation creators decided


There’s A Trade Circle Happening In Space And It’s Quite Endearing

The International Space Station is speculated to be the most expensive object ever built. Hundreds of billions of dollar were poured into building the space craft into what it is today. Upkeep costs are also in the billions. On top of that, each shuttle trip


After Failing To Adapt To Women’s New Roles, Avon Is Now Rebranding

Avon originated as a beauty company that targeted American housewives looking to make their own money while working from home. The company, founded in 1886, kickstarted during a time where there were not many ways for women to make their own income. Also in a


What’s Happening With Google Employees & Their New Minority Union?

On January 4, a handful of Google employees and contractors announced that they are forming a union. Typically when unionization comes to mind, better compensation and working environments become associated with the movement. However, big-tech companies, Google included, pays their employees on average six figures.


Legendary Jazz Club Where Frank Sinatra Sang Closes In Wake of Pandemic

Jack Kerouac, Ella Fitzgerald, and Frank Sinatra all regularly performed at El Chapultepec, a jazz venue located in downtown Denver. This legendary venue, otherwise known as The Pec, started out as a simple Mexican restaurant. Soon enough, it was a hotspot in Denver where locals


This Model Train Company’s Success Isn’t Hard To Track Mid-Pandemic

In the United Kingdom, they have gone through three coronavirus lockdowns. Many people are dwindling their thumbs, unsure what to do with an abundance of time. Others simply need a distraction from the cruel realties of the pandemic. Tired of looking at screens all day,


The Thyme Is Right For Spice Companies: Sales Surge

Thanks to the pandemic, a huge chunk of grocery shoppers have found a new love for cooking. Not only are they loving this hobby in quarantine, but they admit that they will continue cooking for themselves more often, post pandemic. The companies benefiting highly from


Walmart Under Fire For Possibly Contributing To The Opioid Crisis

A pharmacist’s duties include preparing and dispensing medicinal drugs. However in some cases, federal law requires pharmacists to play an even more important role. While a doctor prescribes drugs to their patients, it is up to the pharmacist to make sure that powerful drugs only


Kohl’s Is Getting A Major Glam Up, Which Is Bad News For JCPenney

Sephora has ran stores within JCPenney since 2006. However, there has been animosity between the two brands for a while now. When JCPenney filed for bankruptcy in May 2020, Sephora attempted to pack their bags and leave the department store. After JCP sued, the two


Burger King’s New Ad Campaign Will Warm Your Heart

In a refreshing change of pace, Burger Kings across France and the United Kingdom have started a new campaign to urge consumers to order takeout. However, not from their company. As the pandemic drones on, Burger King advocates people order from independent restaurants instead of


As Weed Is Legalized Nationally, Even Ben & Jerry’s Is Taking Advantage

The election results are in and there is an obvious winner: weed. The number of states to legalize recreational marijuana jumped from eleven to fifteen, with the additions of Montana, Arizona, South Dakota, and New Jersey. The District of Columbia also legalized recreational weed back

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