Nick Christophers
Nick has been a published writer for the past twenty years for many entertainment magazines and newspapers. He was the editor of the niche magazine Mob Candy Magazine for seven years. Nick has also appeared on the mob documentary “Mafia Killers w. Colin McLaren” on the cable channel REELZ. His knowledge of the underworld is extensive and not only for his research but because he knew many of these individuals growing up. He has published three books so far: “Destinies” (a fictional mob story) which was published by Austin Macauley a London / New York based publisher, "Prison Rules" which he co-authored with ex-mobster John Alite, and "Godfathers of the Night, In the Shadow of the Mafia" put out under his company Nick Christophers Ink Corp.


It is hard to master any instrument, but the piano requires key concentration, a keen ear for sound and quick fingers. Shereen Cheong nailed these attributes she has been gifted with and has become a pianist, composer, arranger, producer, and educator. She took to the


Multi-faceted Artist Timmy Ong Showcases His Talent

It is a fact that the arts are interconnected as you see more and more singers who can dance, act, and write. Without a doubt, it is hard not to mesh all four or at least learn all those disciplines to become a well-rounded artist.


Songbird Lizzie Blazquez Drops New Track For 2023

It is without a doubt that when you combine beauty and talent it’s a great recipe. Lizzie Blazquez embodies both elements. Lizzie, who from a young age, learned to play the guitar and then later started writing songs, got into the Music business to see where


Brooklyn Art Gallery Owner At It Again With New Show

Once again, Canadian pop artist David Craig Ellis is gracing the art scene with his creative prowess, bringing forth a brand-new exhibition that is set to captivate the world’s attention. Collaborating alongside the esteemed painter and founder of Miami’s renowned Fridge Art Fair, Eric Ginsburg,


Multi-Talented Artist Spreads Her Wings Across The Globe

It is truly remarkable to witness an artist who excels in singing, acting, and modeling all at once. Balancing all three endeavors with apparent ease is a rare feat, but for Malaysian native, Mizz, it comes naturally. Through her extraordinary talents, Mizz has successfully connected


Motivated Filmmakers Creating Award-winning Content

From a young age, Trevor Alpert had a love for films better never imagined he would be in the mix of it down the line. He first was studying economics and then took an internship in real estate development. While working on that he learned


Actress Spreads Her Wings Globally

In the acting game it is hard enough to make your mark in one country let alone worldwide. It seems that multi-talented Coral Mizrachi has managed to plant flags in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. Her talents were realized early with her first


Producer/Filmmaker Branches Out With New Ventures

It has become evident that in the past few years that indie films have made a mark in the film world, and many have benefited from the technology that has offered filmmakers the opportunity to expose their art. Gal Yefet happens to be one of


Artist Shines Brighter With Every Performance

It takes a lot of desire and determination to build a name in the entertainment industry, especially when you come from a different country. This would be the case for Taiwanese import, Zoey Zo. As a young girl, she was always surrounded by the arts


Radio Show In New Jersey Keeps Building On Its Success

What do you get when a bunch of neighborhood guys and a talented woman combine their forces for the good of mankind? You get the Wiseguyz Show coming to you from the state of New Jersey. The characters, because that is what they are; Freddy


Versatile Artist Shares Her Talents In New York

Coming from over to New York and in the process of planting your own flag is never an easy task. Kui-Fang Tseng has stepped into the entertainment circuit and seems at home with all its facets. In her native Taiwan, she was an actor, singer,