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As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest challenges can be creating your own schedule. When you work for yourself, it can be tricky summoning up the motivation to give yourself tasks and deadlines. To add on to that, the concept of working-from-home has now been so ingrained into corporate life that it can be tough to distinguish between work and home life. Should you do accounts today, or laundry? Do you have time to cook between the 2 Zoom meetings that are 2 hours apart? Can you change the deadline for this task? The last episode of The Bachelor premieres tonight on ABC! Discipline is an essential trait that has to be honed, nurtured and trained. The 75 Hard Challenge aims to do just that!

What is the 75 Hard Challenge?

The 75 Hard Challenge first went viral on TikTok (as does any viral thing these days) and quickly gained a cult following. Created by Andy Frisella, the idea behind this challenge is to develop your mental stamina through physical means, thus improving your quality of life.

The first Phase of the Challenge, taken from Frisella’s Instagram page, has 6 rules to be adhered to everyday for 75 days:

1) Follow a diet

The diet isn’t specified, so any type of healthy, sustainable diet would work. Always remember to consult a doctor or healthcare professional before embarking on any diet or fitness regime.

2) Take a progress picture
Entrepreneur taking fitness progress picture in gym bathroom

A good before-after photo can be very satisfying and inspirational. This is also a great visual to track your progress, especially when you’re right in the middle of the challenge and aren’t feeling very motivated! There are a few articles out there on how to take good progress pictures—make sure to check them out before you start!

3) Two 45-minute workouts

2 workouts a day may sound overwhelming, but each one only has to be 45 minutes long. One of them has to be outdoors which is an excellent routine to follow, as it encourages you to get out and about, to take a break and breathe in some fresh air.

4) 1 gallon of water
Entrepreneur drinking water after workout

This is pretty self-explanatory. Coffee is great for waking up and getting started with work, but staying hydrated with water is absolutely crucial for your health. Plus it gives you better complexion!

5) No alcohol or cheat meals

Up to this point, the rules are relatively simple and easy to follow, but here is where it starts getting a little tricky. People drink alcohol for a myriad of reasons, and experiencing Dry January two and a half times over is not necessarily the most fun exercise. On top of that, no cheat meals are allowed for whatever diet you decided upon?

This is where the mental training truly starts. Staying on this path for 75 days isn’t easy (it is called the Hard Challenge afterall), but this is the conditioning you signed up for!

6) 10 pages of reading
Entrepreneur holding cup of coffee while reading book

Once again, 10 pages isn’t specified, so feel free to be flexible and creative with this. Reading does improve your mind, and can open up your mental paradigm to new things. Bonus points if you read 10 articles from Grey Journal a day!

The last and final rule of this Challenge isn’t technically a rule, but is a condition:

If you break any of these rules, you start the Challenge from Day 1.

This last guideline is the kicker, the one decree that makes the 75 Hard Challenge. After all, it is human to slip up and fail!

Instead of looking at this as a punishment, look on it as a motivator. Imagine you’re on Day 34 of the Hard Challenge, and you are dying for a slice of pizza, or a piece of fried chicken. If you cave and eat that mountain of cheesy goodness, then your 75 Hard becomes the 109 Hard. You can do the math.

This last rule should help motivate you to stay on track, and strengthen those mental muscles!

Why should you try the 75 Hard Challenge?

Having a good sense of discipline is an enviable trait to have, especially if you’re the boss of your own company. Keeping your physical, mental, and spiritual life in order will help you do the same for the life of your business. People want to not just work for, but work hard for the CEO who looks good, has his life together, and who has cultivated a well-adjusted drive and passion.

Have you tried the 75 Hard Challenge? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.