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A long time ago, in the year 2020, there was a pandemic that caused the “podcast” to become intensely popular among the populace. This was especially true among would-be and already-are entrepreneurs, who grasped the opportunity to jump on a profit-flourishing trend and milk the medium for all it was worth.

Tim Ferriss, a famous entrepreneur in his own right, was already riding the bandwagon 6 years before The Podcast Boom, and judiciously seized the moment of Hollywood’s tumultuous shut-down to get famous A-lister Hugh Jackman on his show.

In June of the cursed year, Jackman went on Ferriss’ podcast and talked about an array of topics, specifically focusing on training of the body, soul and mind. Have a listen over here.

How did the 85% Rule come about?

Hugh Jackman explaining the 85% Rule on The Tim Ferriss Show

Olympic legend Carl Lewis had a literal track record of starting out last, but finishing first in the 100-meter sprint. The obvious assumption was that Lewis started out slow, and then increased his speed as the race went on.

However, a sprint coach figured out that the track athlete was actually maintaining his speed for the entire race. The difference was everyone else: as the other competitors reached the 100-meter mark, the idea of having to “put in your all” was manifested in their bodies. This caused them to physically tense up, unintentionally slow down, and ultimately give Lewis his win.

What is the 85% Rule?

From there, the unnamed coach extrapolated the concept of the 85% Rule. The very idea of working at 85% causes the mind to relax the body. This allows the person to enjoy the work, which leads to optimal results, instead of trying to operate at 100% and falling short.

Jackman puts it as such, “If I was coaching me, myself, like if I was the coach and Hugh Jackman was on my team, I wouldn’t put more pressure on him, push him more. I wouldn’t yell at him, scream. I’ve got that motivation. If anything, I have had to work from building up insecurity.”

Operating at 85% actually reduces stress, enhancing performance and achieving the optimum level of success. Relaxing and believing in yourself is key!

The 85% Rule for Entrepreneurs

Workers constructing building for startups

Whether you’re kick-starting your business or building your empire, work will always be in play. There is an enticing expectation that if you put in 100%, you’ll get 100% of whatever you desire. It’s simple math, right?

Here’s the deal: there is no harm in trying something like The 85% Rule. This doesn’t mean cutting down your to-do list. It just means you tell yourself that you’re going to put in 85% effort. This way, you get to enjoy the work you’re doing. And that’s why you became an entrepreneur in the first place!

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.