So here we are, the dawn of another Tom Brady Super Bowl. Though it’s difficult to be surprised at this point, it’s still exciting to see how Jared Goff and the Rams will fair against the Patriots next week. While we wait patiently for the big game, we’ve decided to look at the quarterback fitness secrets each man has to offer. See what tips you can learn from Goff and Brady’s training regimens.

Jared Goff Diet Plan

Jared Goff

When he was initially drafted, Jared Goff received criticisms about his lean physique. He started out his professional football career weighing in at 205 pounds. This was twenty pounds short of the average quarterback weight in 2016, which was 225 pounds.

According to Goff’s trainer, Ryan Flaherty, Goff has a unique diet plan due to an enzyme deficiency. Because his body cannot breakdown protein properly, red meat and shakes don’t do him much good. Goff bulks up on chicken, turkey, and fish as well as probiotics to help with digestion. In addition to this, Goff also took special powders to get his weight up, but has since claimed he no longer needs to use them.

Jared Goff throwing football
Jared Goff throwing football

Currently, Goff weighs in at 222 pounds and can deadlift 495 pounds at five reps. He estimates his body fat to be around 12%. When Goff isn’t concerned about his diet plan, he enjoys indulging on Chick-fil-A as his cheat meal.

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Tom Brady Diet Plan

Tom Brady

In case you haven’t already heard, Tom Brady has a crazy strict diet plan known as the TB12 Method. According to his personal chef, Allen Campbell, Brady focuses on plant-based diets because of the natural nutrition they provide. 80% of what Brady eats is vegetables, whole grains, brown rice, and quinoa. Lean meats, chicken, and wild salmon make up the remainder of the quarterback’s diet plan.

Brady steers clear of any foods that may cause inflammation, such as tomatoes, peppers, and mushrooms. Campbell also helps him avoid white sugar and dairy. According to Brady and Campbell’s philosophy, any food that causes inflammation or acidity in the body is what leads to disease. They adopted their ideas from nutrition specialist, T. Colin Campbell, who wrote The China Study.

Tom Brady throwing football
Tom Brady throwing football

GREY covered previously how your diet affects mental health and inflammation in the body, so as insane as his diet sounds, Brady’s stats prove it’s working. At 41, he’s the fourth oldest active NFL player, currently in his 21st year. 2019 marks his ninth Super Bowl appearance for a shot at a sixth championship win.

3DQB Fitness Secrets

Tom House

Perhaps the biggest secret weapon in both quarterbacks’ holsters is 3DQB. Both Goff and Brady have trained with former MLB pitcher, Tom House, who runs a quarterback camp in L.A. 3DQB has trained over a dozen NFL quarterbacks including Drew Brees, Matt Ryan, and Eli Manning since forming in 2011.

The secret to 3DQB’s success is studying biomechanics. House learned about body movement during his time in the MLB and applies it now to quarterback training. 3DQB uses exercises, such as double lunge reaches, to increase functional strength. They also utilize motion analysis to help quarterbacks determine how soon a ball should leave their grasp after taking a step.

Tom Brady training with Tom House
Tom Brady training with Tom House

According to House, quarterbacks have only been using 80% of their full potential when it comes to throwing. Thanks to his techniques, quarterbacks can implement his fitness secrets into their training. As always, 3DQB notes that nutrition and mental health are crucial to success.

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So, how well will these quarterback fitness secrets work out? Only time will tell. With Goff and Brady’s impressive records, Super Bowl LIII will prove an exciting match up.

What do you think of Goff and Brady’s fitness plans? Touch down in the comments.