Inflation, Consumer Confidence, and Nike Earnings in the Spotlight

After Federal Reserve Chair Jay Powell’s recent comments on potential interest rate hikes in 2023 caused a decline in the three major stock indices last week, investors are once again turning their attention to the Fed’s next moves. This week, they will closely watch inflation


Nike sues Lululemon in a shoe design dispute.

You know, Nike may be best known for its sports footwear, but recently it appears to be concentrating more on legal proceedings than track suits. Yeah. Recently, Nike has been on a bit of a tear. The footwear behemoth filed a lawsuit against the Japanese


Your Favorite Video Game Characters Could Be Wearing Nikes Soon

Have you ever wished you could save the world as Sonic while running around in a brand new pair of Nikes? Well, that dream may become a reality soon enough. Recently, Nike filed trademark applications for virtual shoes. This trademark covers digital shoes that appear


Global Sneaker Resale Market Estimated At $6 Billion

Sneakers have always been a defining piece of every man and woman’s attire in the streetwear culture. It wasn’t until recent times with the rise of sneakerheads that a sneaker became a lucrative side-hustle for many people around the globe. Sneakerheads’ main objective is seeking


Nike And MSCHF Are Going Head-To-Head Over The “Satan Shoe”

Nike is one of the largest shoe companies out there. From helping Olympic runners keep their feet intact to being one of the trendiest fashion statements of this generation – talking to you Air Force 1 lovers – Nike has been around for decades on


Nike Announces New Maternity Clothes For Mompreneurs Everywhere

Are you a new mom and constantly hustling to do the best in your workplace? Do you feel like there is no comfy, fresh clothing for you to wear while conquering the day? You’re not alone, and there’s a new and comfortable line that can


4 Best Books For Struggling Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur has had struggles and challenges he or she had to face. Naturally, we are more susceptible to failures, financial burden, heartbreak, and more. The life of an entrepreneur isn’t easy, by any means. All of the hard work, misery, doubt, and setbacks eventually