You know, Nike may be best known for its sports footwear, but recently it appears to be concentrating more on legal proceedings than track suits.

Yeah. Recently, Nike has been on a bit of a tear. The footwear behemoth filed a lawsuit against the Japanese streetwear brand Bape last month.

The most well-known sneaker from Bape, the Bapesta, is quite reminiscent of Nike’s iconic Air Force 1, and a few other Bape models are eerily similar to Nike’s Dunk Low and Air Jordan models. Nike cautioned the impostors to hold off.

In 2020, at the height of the epidemic, Lululemon controlled a stunning 60% of the athleisure market, surpassing rival sportswear brands including Fabletics, Outdoor Voices, Athleta, and Jim Shark.

But Lulu determined a year ago that it wasn’t enough to rule the athleisure sector. They also desired to rule the footwear sector. So they introduced 4 different styles of athletic shoes.

The blissfield sneaker from Lululemon, which costs around $100 and 40, was introduced in March. What distinguished the bliss sensation from that of a regular running shoe?

That is the foot model that shoes are made to fit, rather than a conventional last. According to Lululemon, their own last was developed using more than a million women’s foot scans.

Executives stated in a news release that they will collaborate with biomechanical and foot morphology specialists to design a women’s first shoe fit, and it turned out that ladies adored the shoe.

On an investor call, CEO Calvin McDonald stated that sales of the shoes were faster than expected and that demand considerably outstripped supply. Good news all around for Lululemon. Right? Actually, not quite.

Because Nike executives believed Lulu’s shoe designs were suspiciously similar to their own, leading to the lawsuit. Three Nike patents that are under question center on the textile components of the shoes as well as performance promises.

Particularly, the upper portion of Lulu’s shoe designs is constructed from a knit material that Nike claims to have a patent for.

If the concepts of Nike, knit, and lawsuit are causing any jitters in your head. People, perhaps that’s because we’ve been in this situation before. Last summer, a month-long legal dispute between Nike and Adidas over knit technology was ultimately resolved.

So you can see that Nike is serious about its knit. Nike’s charges are unfounded, and we look forward to presenting our case in court, according to a Lululemon spokeswoman. We’ll see how that develops.

After all of this, competing against Nike and Court is nothing new for a Lululemon. Regarding Lululemon’s mirror home gym system, Nike filed a lawsuit against Lululemon in January alleging patent infringement.

The legal process is still being completed for that case. Therefore, it seems like Nike has set a precedent when it comes to litigating for design-related concerns.

She may also claim that Lulu Lemmon is prepared for its court appearance and that both businesses are aiming to ultimately prevail.

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