Magdalene Cramer


4 Podcasts For Women By Women

Women and podcasts. What seems like an irony at first glance is shaping out to be something of a lifesaver for the female species from centegarians to midlife to the young. Ever wondered what it might be like to listen to a podcast as a


Thousands Of Authors Are Now Selling Novels Via Text

The popularity of SMS or text message novels has risen steadily over the past few years. Why not tell stories over text? It makes for an exciting adventure in which one can interact with the story in real-time. Take Brianna Hayworth, who writes sci-fi stories,


JB Pritzker Announces New Grants For Small Businesses In Chicago

With many businesses having had to close due to Covid 19 shutdowns and restricting measures, it’s no wonder many owners are suffering. Chicago businesses are no exception. But there are means and ways around it, quite possibly a lot. For instance, a new batch of


Top 5 Underrated Shopify Apps To Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

You may ask yourself, so, just what is Shopify and how do I use it? Shopify is an online trading base that lets one create an online store and trade their items. Additionally, merchants can sell their products face-to-face through Shopify POS. Shopify was created


How To Cope With Unemployment And Other Issues During COVID-19

Tragically, COVID-19 has caused some major upheaval in our nation, and while some places are seeing decreasing numbers like Maryland and Massachusetts, places like Kentucky and Florida are seeing increasingly high levels. Even in states with fewer cases, job numbers remain low. If you have


How To Invest Your Money Wisely To Retire Early

The first investment option that I want to look at is the stock market. Even though the Dow Jones fell 1,800 points in June, we can still find ways to put money into the stock market that will produce money in the bigger scheme. Take


Here’s How Black Farmers Are Changing The Hemp Industry

The acreage of hemp production was predicted to decrease in 2020 for the first time since 2014. That was when the 2014 Farm Bill authorized hemp pilot research programs throughout the nation. Although new hemp states have come on board due to the passage of