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Women and podcasts. What seems like an irony at first glance is shaping out to be something of a lifesaver for the female species from centegarians to midlife to the young. Ever wondered what it might be like to listen to a podcast as a young woman? It’s a lot of fun! They are making a comeback particularly because young women are bored right now and spending a ton of time at home.

The History Chicks Podcast

The first podcast I heard on The History Chicks, the host begin talking about Loïe Fuller, who was born into an ordinary family in an ordinary place, but spun through her life in a special way. And in 1862, Loïe Fuller’s life begin, her grandfather’s family headed West toward Chicago from NY, all though their unique plans were unknown, we do know that they passed by it, and landed on some government owned land west of Chicago.

Back then, Chicago was just a couple of settlements outside of a military fort, Fort Dearborn. They passed that wet area, reached a high a dry point and made plans. Papa Fuller claimed a farmhouse, a balloon frame house, which is now one of the last in the country, and was named Fullersburg for all the many Fullers that landed there. The road to Fullersburg was full of traffic, and by 1850 and Fullersburg consisted of 15-20 houses, a postshop, a cemetery, a school, and a grainmill.

Her husband Rueben left her for two years to look for gold, showing up again with mysterious tales of being out West. He would go on to run a lively bar. Then they gave birth to their first son, Frank. This is the rich historical background precluding the birth of Loïe Fuller, whose life is discussed in further detail and who would go on to become a stalwart presence of modern dance and theatrical lighting. Cheers to women in art realms! Check out Loïe’s silk scarf dances in Paris here: 

“Therapy for Black Girls” Podcast

“Therapy For Blank Girls Cover Photo

And now to explore another podcast, this time titled “Therapy For Black Girls,” hosted by Dr. Joy Bradford of Atlanta, Georgia. The goal of the pod is to aid black women in exploring relationships with their Mom’s (We cannot expect an elephant to meow…for instance, when a mother who complains, complains; when a mother who drinks, drinks.) I think she’s referring to people who one wishes to change but cannot seem to even with coaxing and wishing. At one point she says: “You being your best advocate and getting your needs met versus expecting or anticipating someone or someone outside you to guide you in that direction.”

I agree with this wholeheartedly, since most people seem to need an extra push but also independence can be a good self-motivating factor, if not for everyone. Additionally there was this one idea plan for personal development : “For people who think of friendships developing organically, joining an improve class, joining a language class…” Host is Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist in Atlanta, Georgia.                             

Joy Harjo & Kristen Tippet Podcast

Photo of Kristen Tippet

I especially enjoyed the podcast featuring Joy Harjo, who is celebrated by host Kristen Tippet as a “saxophonist, performer, visual artist and member of the Muskogee Creek Nation.” I liked how in the podcast Harjo talks about experience of different worlds when riding the bus, how each outside of a store or even a home gives off the feel of a different universe all together. It was delightful also to hear Harjo describe how she devoured the novel called Crazy Brave while the pandemic was happening (which it is still). She says, “I read it a little bit at a time and savored it a bit at a time, which was a wonderful way to read it. And in preparing to be with you, I looked at some of the other interviews you’ve done, and I really wanted to draw into your sensibility, your gift of seeing and knowing, which includes visions and dreams and memories that are not included in this lifetime.”

I found her thoughtful and intelligent, above all. A great Woman in Podcasts to listen to. It’s exciting to meet an author of such proportions, published, and well known, who has the chutzpah to write, read and to really talk about art and literature with maturity.

“Confidently Insecure” Podcast

Confidently Insecure’s Kelsey Daragh

The fourth and final “Women in podcasts” episode I want to discuss is called “Confidently Insecure,” and the female host is named Kelsey Daragh. She went through some issues with drinking that she eventually ended up channeling into creative works by doing yoga, art and crafts, and more. In one fascinating feature, Daragh discusses suicide, ADHD, depression and OCD among other interesting if tragic/painful topics,

To celebrate mental health month, Daragh had an honest conversation about these issues, giving feedback from her personal experience during the lockdown from blacking out at 8am due to drinking to taking pain medication, Daragh lets us know what rockbottom tastes of; “I’m No Longer Afraid of Who I am without Alchohol”. I appreciate the honesty and the intense dramatic flair. Please note these podcasts may contain sensitive yet encouraging and enlightening materials.

This article was originally published by GREY Journal.