How does one go about spreading their word and truths on Twitter without devoting those long and somewhat painstaking hours, but instead getting something finished in a quick manner? The answer may be more simple than you can imagine. In this article I will lay out a game plan for efficiently growing your Twitter account.

Tweeting Frequently

The first idea I want to offer is that of tweeting frequently. When you put sundry Tweets out online, it allows one to garner more online attention and thus more fans/followers. If you never tweet, you are going to have issues such as not growing the fanbase.

Optimizing Your Posting Time

Entrepreneur checking social media to grow Twitter account
Entrepreneur checking social media to grow Twitter account

The second part of the game plan I want to suggest is simply optimizing your posting time. When you really delve into it, you need a time to post that fits the wants and needs of followers on Twitter. When are they most likely to notice the post? In the middle of a workday, or after hours? Are you catering to professionals, youth, or the aging? Depending on the base, when you post might allow people to gain more from that shared thought/idea.

Engage with Followers

A third suggestion is to engage with replies, retweets and tags. Though this suggestion may seem obvious, it has more to do with just doing it rather than relying on some ethereal being or force to help you interact socially. By simply reaching out, you will gain more followers and more online traction with them. People love a message, thoughtful tag, or gracious retweeting of their own material! Give it a try and see what ensues!

Post Visual Content

Entrepreneur downloading app to grow Twitter account
Entrepreneur downloading app to grow Twitter account

Next up in this sequence is the plan of including visual content. It is known by most folks that including a photo increases likes and retweets plus shares. There’s a lot to be said for a beautiful image. Plus sharing a striking image is a quick way to stop ongoing “scrollers” who would fast pass on your unique tweet. So try sharing images and watch your views and likes increase exponentially! You can even add-on gifs to your tweets to make it more likeable for your audience. A gif really spices things up at a boring scroll-lull! Additionally, videos are six times more likely to be retweeted. That’s a thought when crafting the next social media post on twitter or even Facebook.

Use Hashtags

The fifth way that it’s conducive to making a splash on Twitter is to harness your hashtags, or to put it blithely, imbue your posts with a sense of searchability. If not searchable, it’s not going to feature in anybody’s search query. The hashtags make each tweet more easily found because they gain 12.6 percent more audience than those without them. Think of it as a health insurance for your Twitter account—the fact that the hashtag is there is like money in your insurance health plan! One instance is trying #SEO or #contentmarketing for professional works. Or if you are doing musical advertisements, post #scales #jazztrio or #Indieconcert. These hashtags are limitless.

Attractive Profile

Entrepreneur taking profile picture for Twitter
Entrepreneur taking profile picture for Twitter

Another clue for gaining a large following online? Make sure that the photo up on your page is very clear. An unobstructed facial photo is ideal if one neglects to use a high-resolution logo. In addition, one’s profile should relate information such as your profession, what you accomplish at work, and where you work. Finally, it’s wondrous to give readers a sense of your own aura—a sense of your ideals and invaluable psyche. I think that creating a profile with personable information gives readers a secret view into your personal life, which creates community.

Sync Your Contacts

One extra option additionally you can utilize is to “sync” your email contacts into Twitter. Most of us are hesitant to do so, but taking this extra step allows an influencer to have their contacts show up in their “Who to Follow” section. There are multiple ways to see if someone influential is following your Twitter account. If you are seeing the person’s profile there should be a bubble reading “Follows You” next to their username. So that’s just one easy way of doing things, that way you know if they like your posts and you can like theirs too to see if you can gain them as a follower via online antics 

Think Outside Twitter

Entrepreneur growing Twitter account by speaking with followers in person
Entrepreneur growing Twitter account by speaking with followers in person

Finally, in order to really get a good following, one must funnel other followers from outside Twitter.” Start thinking way outside the box—or Twitter, that is. On the site “Lootcrate,” the creators include links to all their social media accounts—Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, on the same page as their opt-in form! That’s a swell idea because this way people can gain access to a greater amount of their materials fast and conveniently. It’s a versatile but fun way of letting users know they’re alive and kicking. I hope all this information has aided you in the journey that is creating a fan base on Twitter and on the internet at large.

Have any more tips for growing your Twitter account? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.