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You may ask yourself, so, just what is Shopify and how do I use it? Shopify is an online trading base that lets one create an online store and trade their items. Additionally, merchants can sell their products face-to-face through Shopify POS. Shopify was created more than ten years prior when Tobi Lütke wanted to sell snowboards for his company Snowdevil. He realized speedily that he needed a fast and comprehensive online trading base, and so Shopify was born.

Shopify Apps to Boost Sales


Oberlin is one of the highest ranking Shopify apps. This app lets you get more products for your shop and send them straight to your customers as well. Oberlin lets you pick out items from AliExpress and Oberlo Markets from where you are able to sell items on Shopify with only a couple taps of your mouse. That sounds like a wonderful way to get all your products in sales-ready shape!

Oberlo also redeems orders for people, specifies products, and dots together with current Shopify items. You cannot beat these awesome qualities (if needed reread) in a Shopify app. And you always need an app that accomplishes things in only a few mouse taps.

Entrepreneur wearing t-shirt designed on Printful Shopify app
Entrepreneur wearing t-shirt designed on Printful Shopify app

Second on this list is Printful, an app that lets you print on whatever product you prefer with whichever designs you would like to pick out. With this unique and delighting app you are able to make designs for t-shirts, bags, socks, canvases and many others. If a person orders the product once you’re aligned with Printful, they gather the order, print the product, and send it to your patrons without you even having to see the shirt or bag, etc. What more nifty of a way to spend time on other more important things, like grooming your cat?


The third app that I want to discover is called Seguno. Seguno lets you put into action online marketing to make your new customers into normal patrons. This helper also creates thank-you email messages for your customers and founds confidence with your buyers. Seguno saves you cash by helping make new patrons into returning buyers, making use of versatile suggestions for aiding with abandoned cart, and creating individualized discount codes. But the best part is, Seguno is free for a maximum of 250 members. Bite into that like a Halloween satisfying almond joy…

Entrepreneurs browsing Shopify apps for ecommerce
Entrepreneurs browsing Shopify apps for ecommerce

And a fourth great app is named Smile. With a name like that who needs enemies? Utilize Smile by encouraging your viewers to make new purchases by doing online exhibiting for your website. It may sound complex, but it breaks down like this. Create a point system, telling others about your site, or implement VIP based loyalty programs to stir up new sales. Then, measure the sales with ease through Smile analytics. It’s as simple as that: getting new buys through all that point garnering and referral.


The last app I want to look over is called Kit. Kit helps bring shoppers to your Shopify store. You might have thought of this by using digital marketing. But if that isn’t your strong suit, consider using Kit. It can air Facebook ads, email marketing campaigns, and tune in performance notifications. Amped using artificial intelligence, Kit aids one in finding future patrons on Facebook and Instagram, then sending them targeted messaging and offers simultaneously. In addition, by staying active while you’re in dreamland, Kit proves to be a bonafide app you won’t wanna miss. Thanks for shopping, and sweet dreams!

What is your best Shopify app to use? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.