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When most people think “entrepreneur”, they think of someone who went to a good school, went to a prestigious university, and graduated with honors, etc. However, entrepreneurs come from various educational backgrounds. Some never finished high school or were college dropouts. Steve Jobs is a famous example as he ditched college after one year. Yet, some never went to an institutional school—they were homeschooled! Now, how does that work? Look at other smart people that never went to school.

Note—this article is not to bash institutional schools. Between public, private, or home school, there is no socially right or wrong choice. This is just to encourage those currently being homeschooled, or homeschooling their kids, that being a successful entrepreneur is possible! Read on to see how.

Starting Off Homeschooled

Entrepreneur home schooling daughter
Entrepreneur home schooling daughter

Over 200 years ago, it was normal to be homeschooled as kids were needed for help around the house. As technology advanced, more parents were able to send their kids to school. After the Great Depression, most kids were enrolled in either public or private schools. Then, 2020 happened, and everyone started learning and working from home. Now, there’s the option to return to the classroom, but some parents, especially Black parents, are keeping their kids at home. It’s not just due to COVID concerns, although it does factor in. No, some kids do better learning from home.

There are various reasons why it’s a better option for them: learning difficulties, mental issues (such as anxiety), and most of all, one-on-one learning tends to be more effective. Most homeschooled kids say that the best part about receiving home education is that it’s more comfortable than public school. Also, the parents feel more comfortable knowing what their children are learning and that they are safe.

But, one aspect of going to school at home is not being around others, socializing, and learning human behavior. Though maybe it’s okay that they don’t pick up bad habits from their peers! Parents give their kids social skills by involving them in extracurricular activities and groups, as well as summer camps. One great way for kids to learn social skills is through sports, or anything requiring teamwork. Since school won’t be a distraction, kids can focus on finding their passion. By going to museums, educational attractions, and visiting activity centers, they’re open to a world of ideas. When they find their passion at a young age, it makes it easier to be a homeschooled successful entrepreneur. Business Insider advocates for homeschooling, claiming that students perform better on standardized tests.

Successful Homeschooled Entrepreneur

Just as there are many career paths, there are also multiple paths to nourish and educate a young entrepreneur. The goal is to stay open to possibilities, such as different learning approaches, socialization, and extracurricular activities. But most importantly, always encourage everyone to pursue their dream career, no matter their educational background!

Where did you go to school? Do you know any successful homeschooled entrepreneurs? Let us know in the comments!

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This article was originally published in GREY Journal.