Crossing the Cultural Chasm: A Discussion with Dr. Lei Wang on Supporting International Students

In "Crossing the Cultural Chasm," we delve into the rich narrative of Dr. Lei Wang's dedication to understanding and supporting international students. Born from her own experiences and extensive research, Dr. Wang uncovers the nuanced challenges these students face, from cultural adaptation to mental health struggles. This discussion highlights the importance of tailored support systems, the role of mental health clinicians as allies, and practical insights for thriving in a new cultural landscape, aiming to bridge the gap for a more inclusive educational environment.
Artificial Intelligence And Education Convergence

The Impact of AI On Our Evolving Educational System 

There have been some approved refinements regarding artificial intelligence (AI), which has dramatically influenced diverse enterprises and education. AI has quickly become a growing pressure, transforming what we will be taught globally. AI technology within the educational system will deliver multiple benefits, ranging from personalized


Trends And Innovations In Early Education That Help Evolution of Childcare Centers

Childcare centers play an important role in shaping the future of the youngest learners. Over the years, these centers have undergone significant transformations, adapting to changing societal needs, educational research, and technological advancements.  From humble beginnings as basic daycare facilities to sophisticated centers of learning,


Does Using Technology in the Classroom Help College Students?

Technology has become a transformative force in the classroom as education evolves rapidly. It delivers multiple advantages for college students. From access to a wealth of information to personalized learning experiences, technology has transformed how students engage with academic content and interact with their peers


Career Advice for Social Work Students

Social work is a noble profession that aims to empower and support individuals, families, and communities in need. Social workers play an indispensable role in society by addressing critical issues such as poverty, mental health, substance abuse, and homelessness. In addition, they work to promote


When Mental Illness and Higher Education Don’t Mix

I was in college/ University and new, scared, and lost. My anxiety and depression returned; no, I didn’t get instructions to stop it. But I went for help and was told, “just go outside and make friends.”… imagine that. As a student, no matter how much


The Most Popular Business Degrees

Will I get a job at my desired organization? How much will I get paid after completing my education? What are the growth opportunities in my field? These and many other questions are common in an average student’s mind. And why should it not be?


10 Teen Entrepreneurs Proving You’re Never Too Young To Hustle

In recent years, with the advent of life goals and heightened expectation for teenagers with regards to education, there has been an influx of self-employed persons, otherwise known as entrepreneurs. Generally, an entrepreneur is defined as a person or individual managing multiple businesses or businesses


7 Great Courses That Can Change Your Career For The Better

Image source A career change may seem like too much trouble, especially today when the job market sustained a hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s perfectly normal to stay within your comfort zone and coast, waiting for the perfect moment to find a new


Should Rich People Like Elon Musk Create Universities?

In late October, Elon Musk tweeted that he wants to create a new university named the Texas Institute of Technology & Science. Musk does tend to troll online, but he could be serious. He definitely has the money to fund a project such as this,


How Frank is Changing the Future of College Financial Planning

Frank, an online college planning portal for students, was recently acquired by JP Morgan. Charlie Javice, founder of Frank, says that the platform takes a different approach to helping students plan for their college education. Instead of concentrating efforts on financing college loans for students,


How an MBA Degree Can Help You in Getting a C-Level Position

To build your career in any field, you must earn the relevant qualifications. It prepares you for professional life and makes you familiar with the critical areas of your respective profession or field. When it comes to entering into the corporate sector, many young individuals


10 Reasons College Is The Best Time To Start A Business

When hearing the words “college life”, images of rowdy parties, waking up at 1pm, long walks to classes, uncomfortably small rooms, and questionable dining hall food dance along the imagination. While all those aspects of college are the elements to a great story told in


3 Steps To Creating Generational Wealth: Where Do We Start?

When we think of wealth, we think of having lots of money. But have you ever thought about how you could build wealth for your family? For future generations? Like generational wealth? Generational wealth refers to assets passed from one generation to the next. Those

Founders of Just Us Books

Just Us Books Brings Justice To The Black Community

Historically, Black people and other people of color have struggled to get their pieces published. Just Us Books, a publishing company founded by Wade and Cheryl Hudson, provided a solution. The pair founded the company in October 1988, a time when taking on this feat


Can Homeschooled Kids Become Successful Entrepreneurs?

When most people think “entrepreneur”, they think of someone who went to a good school, went to a prestigious university, and graduated with honors, etc. However, entrepreneurs come from various educational backgrounds. Some never finished high school or were college dropouts. Steve Jobs is a


Apple Pie App Lets Teachers Connect, Get Advice, And Have Some Fun

Due to last year’s stay-at-home policy, technology developers worked hard to make virtual school and work life easier. Entrepreneurs developed ways to make organization and virtual socializing more accessible. Mobile app development and downloads dramatically increased in 2020. The most commonly downloaded apps were TikTok,

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