Jada McWilliams
Jada started at discoverGREY as an intern on the editorial team. She passionately blogs about the environment and technology updates, as well as the latest tea. Jada was born and raised in Texas. She attended Texas State University, where she got her bachelor's degree in English in May 2020. Jada loves reading and being outside with her dogs. She hopes to become an editor-in-chief one day.

Who Will Win The Electric Car Race? Tesla VS Lucid Motors

Currently, there are three major companies that produce electric cars: Tesla, Lucid, and General Motors (GM). However, it really comes down to Tesla vs Lucid Motors. Although both are California-based luxury cars, Tesla is arguably ahead due to Elon Musk’s popularity. After all, Young Gravy


How To Run Your Business In A Way The Earth Will Approve Of

In today’s age, it is time to transform outdated, environmentally harmful businesses into green, eco-friendly businesses. It is also equally as important to start up a new business as green as possible. As environmental awareness grows, consumers are picking up the habit to shop for


7 Environmental Startups To Watch For In 2021

As environmental concerns grow, so do eco-friendly, sustainable companies. A large percentage of the trash in the ocean comes from businesses and corporations. Additionally, only 20% of what we recycle actually ever does get recycled. We can make a positive impact on the environment by