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No matter who we are, we want the best for ourselves and our families. However, if it wasn’t easy before, it has certainly become a challenge in 2020. This year, you may be experiencing changes to your work routine, as well as your children being out of school. While we may be bombarded with conflicting information and stress, you can still bring a sense of normalcy to your home. On top of having a health insurance plan, you should also have a gameplan to help you and your family adapt to changes brought on by lockdowns. If your family’s health and well-being are your concern, here are some short and simple tips to help you through 2020.

Go Outside

While you may be under restriction and avoiding public areas due to social distancing, there’s no reason why you should refrain from going outside. Without the usual commute and being homebound, you may not be meeting the daily recommended time for sunlight and fresh air. 

Practice safe social distancing while enjoying the outdoors. Studies have shown that spending time outside has a positive impact on our mental and physical health, especially during times of increased stress and anxiety.

Limit Screen Time

Entrepreneur mother with two children reading stories in bed, hiding under blanket and using tablet

With everyone home and schools transitioning to online classes, you may have made arrangements for your children to access computers, tablets, or smartphones. If you weren’t already glued to your screen pre-quarantine, it’s very likely that if you have more free time now,  it’s spent on a laptop or handheld device.

Don’t let screen time take over your family’s entire day. You, your spouse, and children need quality time away from the internet.

If possible, monitor screen time and set limits on devices so that it can detect how long it’s been in use aside from online classes. Maintain your family’s sanity and entertainment by planning out the day and finding productive and fun hobbies everyone can enjoy. Keeping everyone off technology may not be realistic; the key is moderation.

Keep Up With Immunizations

During the coronavirus pandemic, there’s an emphasis on hygiene practices such as masks and handwashing to flatten the curve. However, there’s one detail that’s not mentioned enough: immunizations. 

The presence of one disease does not eliminate the other. Protect your loved ones by keeping everyone up to date with their flu shots and immunizations. Talk to your primary care provider to stay on schedule—with or without schools reopening.

Share Balanced Meals Together

Japanese family eating balanced meal

Changes in our routine can easily disrupt our eating habits. When you add boredom, stress, and 24/7 access to the pantry, it’s the perfect storm for unhealthy food choices.

Starting and maintaining healthy eating habits doesn’t have to be a big change. For your family, this can mean anything from preparing and having meals together, or keeping everyone on a scheduled meal plan. Similar to screen time, desserts and snacks are fine as long as it’s kept in moderation. 

It’s a good idea to plan meals weekly and stick to it, so you aren’t stuck for ideas and end up calling for take out.

Stay Active

Depending on how much space and equipment you have available, you may be uncertain how much exercise everyone can get. The good news is that quarantine fatigue is motivating families to venture more outside to walk, bike, and hike more than ever. Parks, campsites, and nature preserves are ideal areas to keep you and your loved ones active. 

If you’re experiencing bad weather or don’t have access to outside activities, there are a few ways you can keep your family moving. Play with pets, follow fun online workout videos, or come up with games that’ll challenge everyone and keep them engaged. The important thing is to keep moving to promote good mental and physical health.

Having a positive mindset is the best tool to keep your family happy, healthy, and motivated. Give everyone important roles and keep them involved when it comes to setting goals, socially connecting, and holding each other accountable. By supporting each other, you may gain a new perspective and create healthy habits that will last well into next year and beyond.

What tips do you have for keeping your family healthy during quarantine? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.