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Some Pat on the Back? Balancing Startups With Family Life

In the entrepreneurial journey, balancing the demands of a startup with family life presents a significant challenge. This article offers a collective embrace from the community, providing solace and practical strategies for those managing both roles. Learn how open communication, joining founder groups, and acknowledging progress can support your dual responsibilities. It also explores the importance of setting boundaries and prioritizing well-being to maintain critical family relationships, emphasizing that while startups fluctuate, family remains irreplaceable.
Memorable Holiday Gatherings

Sweet Moments: 8 Ideas for Memorable Holiday Gatherings

Get ready to transform your holiday gatherings into extraordinary events! Our guide offers eight unique and creative ideas, from a festive Coachella-themed bash to a snug pajama palooza. Immerse in vibrant themes, indulge in global cuisines, and engage in entertaining activities. These exceptional concepts are designed to bring laughter, warmth, and unforgettable memories into your celebrations. Embrace the joy of the season with our inspiring ideas, perfect for making every moment with your loved ones special and memorable
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4 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Home Away from Home

Discover the key to finding your perfect home away from home. This article offers valuable insights on identifying your non-negotiables, setting a realistic budget, and considering long-term plans. Learn the importance of local expertise in making a secure and informed purchase. Whether it's for family holidays or personal retreats, these four practical tips will guide you to your ideal vacation home, creating a haven for memories and relaxation. Embrace the journey towards saying, "I'm home.

The Role of Family Support in an Entrepreneur’s Journey

Entrepreneurship is an exhilarating journey that demands unwavering dedication, resilience, and hard work. While the spotlight often shines on the entrepreneurial individual, the role of family support in their success is often underestimated. Behind every successful entrepreneur, there is a web of family dynamics and


How To Get Through The Stressful Holiday Season With Grace

This year has flown by so quickly. In stores, I have been seeing holiday decorations since August. It’s now mid-October and the holidays are quickly approaching. For me, the holiday season begins with Halloween and goes through the end of the year. There is so


Here’s What Should You Do If You’re A Mompreneur & Need Maternity Leave

Motherhood is hard. But motherhood while managing a business during a pandemic is nearly impossible. That’s why it is so important to know your maternity rights as a mompreneur! Entrepreneurs and Maternity Leave Mompreneur on maternity leave sitting next to baby crib I was recently


7 Underrated Dating Tips For Entrepreneurs That Want It All

Entrepreneurs like to be in control of all aspects of their life. Unfortunately, there is one aspect of their life that proves to be more difficult than their business life. When it comes to dating, negotiations and meetings take on a different meaning, I mean


Why More Women Are Dropping Out Of The Workforce

Being a parent throughout our time in this pandemic has been tougher than I can even imagine. And while all of the children are transitioning into a period of change and online learning, parenting has gone to a whole new level of difficult. Stacey Vanek


5 Tips For Parents That Are Launching A Startup

Are you a stay-at-home parent who is looking for a way to earn income from home? Or are you looking to make a career change and enter the world of entrepreneurship? If you answered yes, then here are five things you need to consider before


Smart Tips To Keep Your Family Healthy In 2022

No matter who we are, we want the best for ourselves and our families. However, if it wasn’t easy before, it has certainly become a challenge in 2020. This year, you may be experiencing changes to your work routine, as well as your children being out


How To Ask Your Family To Fund Your Business

Borrowing money from family and friends has its advantages. In most cases, there will be no commissions or interests attached. However, the dangerous part is that these informal transactions do not have the assurance that money will be returned. Many times, relationships are broken as


Tips On Parenting And Running A Business From A Professional Organizer

Raising children and running a successful business at the same time can be a daunting undertaking. Monika Kristofferson, a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant, raised two girls and has successfully run Efficient Organization, a company she started over a decade ago. Her tips on parenting and


Parenting Tips for Managing Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry frustrates most parents, but the solution often points to their parenting skills. The following are stories of different siblings that show how children reflect their parents. Mother holding baby and talking with other daughter Alienated Sisters Although they are both children of Michelle,

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