Are you a strong Disney lover? Do you love Disney+ and going to the amusement parks? Well, good news! Disneyland in California is now open and ready for business… but it comes with restrictions.

Disneyland has a past of closing up shop on special occasions. If something more important was going on in the world, Disney would make sure that was placed at a higher priority than exploring the parks. So, when the pandemic hit the United States, Disney decided it was time to close its doors indefinitely.

Last week, Disney opened up to the public again. And functioning at 25% capacity makes the park look clean and safe for those who go. In order to enjoy the thrills of Disneyland, you must live in California and set up reservations. You can pick the day you want to go, make sure you secure your spot, and enjoy everything Disney has to offer.

When the pandemic forced Disney to close, there were around 33,000 employees that they had to lay off. Most of those employees are now able to get back into work, including all the characters. Of course, you won’t see them casually walking around the park and taking pictures. However, you can take pictures of the characters from afar.

There are some employees waiting for the call to get back to work, but with the cases decreasing and the state opening up, it is expected that they’ll get that call soon. If you live in California and are ready to see Mickey, make sure that you stay safe and you practice all the safety protocols put in place.

What are your thoughts on Disneyland opening back up? Are you excited? Let us know below!

This article is originally published on GREY Journal.