Social Distancing


Before You Checkout At The Store, Do This One Thing To Reduce The Spread

Have you been looking for a way to not make any contact with people all while making payments in the store? Well, for a few years now, contactless payments have been super popular. The whole idea around contactless payment methods are that you don’t have


5 COVID-19 Halloween Ideas For Your Next Office Party

Who says Halloween 2020 is cancelled? COVID-19 has made social gatherings difficult this year, but there are still ways to get employees together and celebrate. From Zoom meetings to online costume contests, technology has made staying connected while practicing social distancing easy. Here are 5


Next Time You’re Looking For Parking, Restaurants Might Do This

Big cities are notorious for horrible parking. In fact, in some cities, residents will pay more than their rent to have a personal parking space. Additionally, finding street parking can feel near-impossible at times. However, with a global pandemic in full swing, restaurants have taken


Zoom Is Ahead Of The Video Conferencing Race, But For How Long?

With an estimated 300M daily users, Zoom currently reigns supreme over all remote conferencing platforms, and it’s not even close. How is that possible in a world where Google, Microsoft, and Facebook all have competing products on the market? Zoom’s Founder and CEO Eric Yuan


Like the rest of the world, dating will be different post-COVID-19

COVID-19 will surely have lasting effects on our healthcare system and economy, but will we continue social distancing once it’s deemed safe? A look at possible scenarios for the dating world post COVID. Relationships are always hard, and they’re especially hard when the world is