Police vehicle in front of Louis Vuitton Store

Smash-and-Grab Crimes On The Rise In Major U.S. Cities

There has been a wave of thieves committing smash and grab crimes throughout the United States. These individuals are rushing into stores with large groups of people in order to grab as much merchandise as they can. There have been incidents throughout Chicago, Los Angeles,

Blue Tiny Home

Is Tiny Home Village A Good Solution For The Homeless In Los Angeles?

Are tiny homes the solution to homelessness? Los Angeles seems to think so. Around 66,436 people in Los Angeles County and 41,000 within city limits experience homelessness, so the city devised a plan to help.  Homelessness in Los Angeles County has been a deep rooted


Artist Perspective: Is the Starving Artist Fact or Fiction?

Being an independent artist has always been hard work. From the renaissance days of Michelangelo to the modern age, artists are misunderstood and more importantly, underpaid. Artists work for free, don’t see the fruits of our labor, and are often underestimated. Shoot, an artist sometimes


8 Of The Best Black-Owned Restaurants To Check Out In Los Angeles

Like everywhere else, Los Angeles restaurant owners have been struggling during the pandemic. The good news is outdoor dining has recently returned to Los Angeles! And while we’re at the end of Black History Month, what’s a better way to pay tribute than to check


Here’s What Should You Do If You’re A Mompreneur & Need Maternity Leave

Motherhood is hard. But motherhood while managing a business during a pandemic is nearly impossible. That’s why it is so important to know your maternity rights as a mompreneur! Entrepreneurs and Maternity Leave Mompreneur on maternity leave sitting next to baby crib I was recently


Dodger Stadium Is Now A Massive Vaccination Site

As the pandemic continues to get worse throughout America, California is doing what it can to provide its citizens with access to COVID resources. Throughout the year, not having enough testing sites seemed to be a problem for California. Millions were getting sick, but not


The California Covid-19 Strategy That Just Doesn’t Add Up

In California, it has been almost 300 days since Governor Gavin Newsom declared a State of Emergency due to the Covid-19 virus, giving him unobstructed judgement in changing California State law at a whim without input from either the citizens or legislators. During this time


California Is Drowning In COVID-19 Cases Despite The Stay-At-Home Order

Since the beginning of the pandemic, California—like all the other states—has fought to keep people safe and protected from the virus. They introduced a stay-at-home order in March that gave everyone a curfew and strict limitations to how and when they could go out. Basically,


Amazon Fresh Opens In Irvine, CA And Everyone Is Loving It

We all know and love Amazon. With its amazing Prime deals and its super easy and accessible shopping experience, we all pretty much surrender all the money we have just to get a cool Amazon approved gadget…Or at least I do. Amazon has added tons

Founder 1-on-1

How Running Track Taught This Founder How To Run A Business

Imagine you are a young college student. You just got done running laps at track practice and are on your way to the mall to earn some extra cash as a shoe shiner. You’re going about your business, shining away, when suddenly your client asks

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