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Tanium is a cyber security company that up until recently was located in the Bay Area of California. That is until the CEO of the 9 billion dollar company decided to pack their bags and move from San Francisco to Seattle. Tanium CEO, Orion Hindwai, was growing exhaustive of California restrictions. Over the course of the year, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest became more appealing to him.

The appeal of this surprising move can be accredited to competitive advantages that the city has. Seattle is very pro-investment and has many pro-growth policies. It should be noted that there is no state income tax in the state of Washington. Hindwai spoke on the subject, citing that “Washington State has a more moderate political policy”.

Residents and current business owners of Seattle are skeptics of this notion. They question whether or not Seattle is built to sustain bigger companies like Tanium and Amazon long term. Over the years, there have been different policy attempts that they have not been happy about. There have been attempts to initiate a city income tax, head tax attempts, and payroll tax. In general, these attempts—some of which have been successful—deters companies from placing their teams and operations in Seattle. Many companies already based in Seattle have let their leases expire in the midst of the pandemic.

While Tanium is only moving headquarters to Seattle for now, they have a vast ability to hire engineers that wouldn’t have been in the PNW otherwise. Regardless if the company decides to stay in Seattle long-term, the move is major for the city currently. And as workforces are able to get disturbed more widely, companies are rethinking the concept of headquarters. They are making big structural changes as a result of 2020. Depending on whether or not they even need to have a headquarters, Seattle could be a destination for many tech giants if they follow suit of Tanium and Amazon. That being said, Seattle is looking to compete and establish themselves among leading tech cities moving forward.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.