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Black History Highlight on Cannabis

February is a month to celebrate black representation and to continue promoting diversity in our present day.  Where, then, does cannabis fit into black history?  Cannabis first crossed paths with blacks in a tumultuous setting during slave labor within the hemp industry. Moreover, black influencers


An Unexpected Silver Lining: Black Business Surge Amid Pandemic

Last year, as Americans faced unemployment in record numbers, many Black workers turned to entrepreneurship to stay afloat during the pandemic. In 2020, approximately 380 out of every 100,000 Black adults became new entrepreneurs. To be clear, this boom is not entirely positive. It reflects


Instagram Is Making It Easier To Discover Black-Owned Businesses

Instagram announced last Wednesday that they’re adding in a “Black-owned” label for U.S. based shops. Business accounts are now able to display the “Black-owned Business” label on their bio and may be included on the shops page to help bring in more customers. In recent


4 Funding Tips For BIPOC Entrepreneurs To Overcome Racial Bias

In a world impacted by racial injustice in so many areas, the realm of entrepreneurship is no different. Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) have historically been hindered when it comes to funding for starting businesses. In a 2019 study conducted by the Federal


8 Of The Best Black-Owned Restaurants To Check Out In Los Angeles

Like everywhere else, Los Angeles restaurant owners have been struggling during the pandemic. The good news is outdoor dining has recently returned to Los Angeles! And while we’re at the end of Black History Month, what’s a better way to pay tribute than to check