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The Premium, an avid traveler and anonymous online celebrity, today announced the launch of, a full-service website offering data-driven sports betting consulting services. The site leverages statistical models that have been carefully honed via machine learning, algorithms, and data analytics to identify betting edges across the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, and ATP Tour.

The Premium, who is President of The Premium Consulting Group Inc., focuses on in-game wagering, with an emphasis on quality over quantity sports picks. “I don’t inundate you with a lot of plays,” explained The Premium. “Instead, I deliver a few highly selecting betting tips that I believe provides clients the highest probability to win. I teach you how to take advantage of live betting odds to help you make calculated decisions and begin to treat sports betting as a means of earning a passive income.

The Premium has carefully crafted a system that, when used correctly, can be profitable in the long run.

“I have long placed bets to win the action, not have the action,”

The Premium

The Premium added. “And I always rely on a multitude of data when deciding what plays to bet. Now, with the site, I’m enabling clients to benefit from my experience and insights.”

His clients appreciate his consistency, along with occasional writeups that share his extensive explanations behind a given play. One client remarked, “I have absolutely profited every day since joining this program. Don’t make the same mistake as I did with the watch and see. Join and make as much cash as you want.”

The Premium offers several VIP packages, ranging from daily to yearly. Each subscription includes all access to all sports picks. Longer-term packages and custom solutions are also available by contacting The Premium Consulting Group. For more information on how to become a VIP member, visit The Premium can also be followed on Twitter (@gamblers_dream) and Instagram (@gamblersdream).