Harnessing the Power of AI to Supercharge Your Business Growth

The rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have opened up new avenues for businesses to optimize their operations, streamline processes, and enhance customer experiences. By leveraging AI, business owners can unlock new growth opportunities and stay ahead of the competition. In this article, we will


OpenAI unveils state-of-the-art AI system, GPT-4

OpenAI has launched its latest AI model called GPT-4, which excels in understanding images and text. The company claims that this is a significant step in scaling up deep learning. GPT-4 is currently accessible to paying users via ChatGPT Plus, with a usage cap, and


What Deep Learning Can Do and How It Differs From Other Models of ML

Deep learning as one of the AI methods is definitely a technological breakthrough. Artificial intelligence technologies already offer a host of solutions, such as voice assistants, applications for generating faces for their substitution or aging, applications that recognize atrial fibrillation or heart attack. This has


The Premium Launches Full-Service Sports Consulting Website

The Premium, an avid traveler and anonymous online celebrity, today announced the launch of, a full-service website offering data-driven sports betting consulting services. The site leverages statistical models that have been carefully honed via machine learning, algorithms, and data analytics to identify betting edges


How AI Will Impact Marketing and Advertising

Artificial Intelligence technology is important because it enables human capabilities – understanding, reasoning, planning and communication, and perception – to be undertaken by computer software increasingly effectively, efficiently, and at low-cost. Simply put, AI is a system that can perform tasks that normally requires human


Flippy The Robot Is Coming To A White Castle Near You

Next month, White Castle is introducing Flippy the Robot in one of its Chicago restaurants. Flippy is a robotic arm that moves on a rail and flips burgers. It also capable of performing basic kitchen tasks. An earlier version of Flippy made headlines in 2018.


Can These Hotel Robot Butlers Make Travel Safe Again?

Hoteliers try their best to leave guests with positive memories by offering excellent hospitality services. It’s their goal to have you go and share your experience with others so they can attract more guests. Now, they are going a step further by introducing robots into


How Ann Arbor’s Top AI Tech Startup Is Improving Road Safety

Ann Arbor tech startup Voxel51 has been gaining huge traction over the past year for their advances in computer vision. Through their innovative AI system, Voxel51 is able to extract insights from videos and offer solutions for road obstructions, accidents, and more on a horizontal


A 22 Year-Old CEO Can Affect The Safety Of Your Next Uber Ride

Decades ago, wondrous technology could only be foreseen in television and movies as filmmakers implanted ideas into people’s heads of what the future would look like. People have been fantasizing over space battleships, flying cars, automated human-like robots, holograms, augmented and virtual reality, self-driving vehicles,