There are plenty of benefits that can come from having a refrigerated van from FridgeXpress that mean that new doors can open to grow and expand your business

One common misunderstanding that exists is that a refrigerated van is used solely for the transportation of food – however, they are actually used in a wide variety of industries, such as for florists, beauticians, and pharmacists.

Businesses can suffer the consequences financially when they arrange transport of perishable goods or ones that spoil easily in a vehicle that does to have an adequate temperature, this means that they need to invest in the right form of transportation to prevent such a loss.

Bearing this in mind, below are 5 ways that your business could benefit from the use of a refrigerated van.

1. Expand How Far Your Business Can Reach

When you have a refrigerated van you are in a better position to grow your business further than just your shopfront, this means that you are available to more customers in the local area. For instance, florists that want to make fresh flower deliveries to their customers’ doors will benefit from a refrigerated van that will ensure that their bouquets are kept at the ideal temperature and hence extend their limited life span.

This provides extra business for customers who may not be able to visit the florist in person but would like to book flowers to be delivered to a recipient of their choice. It hardly needs to be said how this could work wonders for attracting new customers and hence give profits a boost. Granted an initial investment needs to be made but the returns are sure to cover this and more in the bigger picture.

2. Dual Copartments Are An Option

It can be quite a financial investment to purchase a refrigerated van so it can be a decision that you may very well feel hesitant about, especially if you need to transport goods at various temperatures which may make you think that you will need to buy several modes of transport. However, this does not actually need to be the case – vehicles are available that have dual compartments. If you need to transport both hot and cold food this is an excellent choice, as well as the likes of chilled and frozen food at the same time.

3. Goods Can Be Stored Overnight In The Van

Will you need to leave things in the van overnight? This does not need to pose a problem. Refrigerated vans that have a standby system can mean that the produce stays at the necessary temperature overnight or for any long period of time as needed.

This works out well in situations where you do not want to have to turn the van off to keep things could since the standby kicks in when it detects the engine has been turned off. This also saves time when compared to off-loading and then on-loading goods between deliveries.

4. Various Sizes Are Available

To make an investment that is also cost-effective make sure that you understand the various sizes of refrigerated vans. Do not fall into the trap of paying a huge amount of cash for a large box van when your needs may not stimulate such space, for instance, the Mercedes Vito may have ample space for your needs. Hence the need to know your requirements before you make a purchase, once you know the number of goods you will be transporting you will be in a good position to know the size of van that is right for you.

5. Flexible Solutions Are Out There

Do you not currently have the budget to invest in a refrigerated van? No problem. At FridgeXpress we provide short-term rental, as well as long-term rentals for our refrigerated vans, these can also be heated.

Our fleet of vans is excellent and we have all different sizes to meet the needs of our clients at various cooling and freezing temperatures. Our whole fleet is made of up late models and they are fully serviced and valeted before we lease them out. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that you will get an excellent quality vehicle that also includes a breakdown cover should you require it.