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Stellantis and Waymo Strengthen Alliance for Autonomous Delivery Vans

Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares has recently announced an invigorated partnership with autonomous driving innovator Waymo, signaling a significant move forward in the development of commercial self-driving Ram delivery vans. This collaboration, initially publicized in 2020, has entered a new phase aimed at addressing one of


Technologies of Today’s Logistics

Logistics is the planning and execution of efficient transportation and storage of goods from origin to consumption. Due to the manual nature of mass-producing parts and the need for two-way communication, logistics is often considered one of the most complex steps of custom manufacturing. Logistics


5 Trends in E-Commerce Logistics You Should Be Aware Of

E-commerce would have grown at a bullish pace over the last decade even if the pandemic hadn’t accelerated the sector beyond all projections. It has led to a proliferation of platforms, brands, retailers, logistics providers, and a host of other businesses that support the industry.


5 Business Benefits From A Refrigerated Van

There are plenty of benefits that can come from having a refrigerated van from FridgeXpress that mean that new doors can open to grow and expand your business One common misunderstanding that exists is that a refrigerated van is used solely for the transportation of

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A Closer Look at the Pros IBC Totes for Shipments

There are many benefits to renting stainless steel IBC (intermediate bulk container) totes instead of investing huge capital in them. Here are some of the issues that renting can address: – Variances during production- insufficient capital during budget setting- not able to accommodate special orders-