Candy prices have risen 13% to record highs ahead of the Halloween season.

Trick-or-treating this Halloween may not produce as many treats as in recent years due to record levels of inflation making confectionery more costly. According to the most recent federal government inflation estimates, the price of sweets and chewing gum increased by 13.1% last month, the


Burger King’s ‘Ghost Pepper Whopper’ will spook up Halloween business.

According to a prominent food blogger, Burger King aims to spice up their trademark Whopper in time for Halloween. According to an Instagram post by Markie Devo, an influencer known for breaking exclusive fast-food news, the ‘Ghost Pepper Whopper’ will be available at certain Burger


5 COVID-19 Halloween Ideas For Your Next Office Party

Who says Halloween 2020 is cancelled? COVID-19 has made social gatherings difficult this year, but there are still ways to get employees together and celebrate. From Zoom meetings to online costume contests, technology has made staying connected while practicing social distancing easy. Here are 5


Will Halloween 2020 Be A Scary Time For Candy Companies?

It’s less than three months to the celebration of Halloween festivities and we’re all wondering how it will turn out amid the world’s biggest fear, COVID-19. Some of us have already started planning how to spend the night collecting candies to get our sugar rush.


How To Dress Like A Famous (Or Infamous) Entrepreneur For Halloween

Maybe you’re in charge of throwing your office Halloween party, or maybe you just have a great group of friends who love a creative shindig, but dressing like an entrepreneur might just be the right power play this year. And, hey, if you are your


Is Reese’s Better Than Snickers? Money Speaks The Truth

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. (It’s October. Just go with it.) A swarm of zombies are right outside the storage closet of the convenience store you’re holed up in. You spot two candy bars on a shelf: a Snickers and


Where To Raise A Stein in NYC for Oktoberfest (And Year-Round!)

It’s that time of year again when we get to order hard-to-pronounce foods like würstl and schweinebraten and wash it down with Hofbräus and Paulaners. Germans began migrating to New York in the 1840s, and with them came their delicious, roasted foods and world-class beer.

The mansion setting for the 1985 film, Clue

5 Perfect Movies for Halloween

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Halloween Party

How to Host a Kickass Halloween Party

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