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TESLA Makes a Triumphant Return, Now Even More Affordable!

After a hiatus of nearly nine months, Tesla is back in action, accepting orders for its coveted Model 3 Long Range sedan in the United States. The automotive giant has not only revived this electric gem but has also sweetened the deal with a more


Simplifying Car Choices: Electric vs. Gasoline Refueling Costs Compared

Choosing between red or black, drawing another card or standing pat — decisions, decisions. The complexity of choices for new car buyers can be overwhelming. In a bid to alleviate some of the decision-making stress, The Washington Post presents an insightful article titled “Comparing the


Toyota’s Groundbreaking Innovation Spells Trouble for Gas-Powered Cars

Toyota has made exciting announcements regarding advancements in electric vehicle (EV) batteries, hinting at significantly extended battery life as early as 2026. This breakthrough encompasses two key areas: enhanced optimization of lithium-ion batteries and significant progress in solid-state battery technology for EVs. The findings related


Purchase of EV Still Not Considered By 28% Of Americans

According to a Consumer Reports survey released on Thursday, more than a quarter of Americans say they would not purchase an electric vehicle.  The biggest obstacles to purchasing an EV continue to be price, range, and access to charging stations. The lack of knowledge about


Who Will Win The Electric Car Race? Tesla VS Lucid Motors

Currently, there are three major companies that produce electric cars: Tesla, Lucid, and General Motors (GM). However, it really comes down to Tesla vs Lucid Motors. Although both are California-based luxury cars, Tesla is arguably ahead due to Elon Musk’s popularity. After all, Young Gravy