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Currently, there are three major companies that produce electric cars: Tesla, Lucid, and General Motors (GM). However, it really comes down to Tesla vs Lucid Motors. Although both are California-based luxury cars, Tesla is arguably ahead due to Elon Musk’s popularity. After all, Young Gravy encourages youths to “whip a Tesla” and not “whip a Lucid.” But, just like with an actual car race, Lucid can catch up after a few laps around the track. After all, Telsa had a head start, and Lucid just entered the chat last year. Here’s a breakdown of the status and goals of the two electric car companies.


Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk is a busy man with being the CEO of Tesla and Dogefather. His ability to balance humor and intelligence gains him fans of all ages. Musk has unusual yet admirable entrepreneurship by having so many projects going on, which keeps his status up. He never lets his audience get bored.

Despite being busy, Tesla is his #1 priority. Tesla sales have grown rapidly in the past 3 years. In 2020, almost 500,000 people bought a Tesla. As of today, Tesla is the leading electric vehicle company with the Model 3 sedan being their most popular model. Tesla has four factories in Fremont, Ca; Sparks, NV; Buffalo, NY; and Shanghai, China. The next one will be in Berlin, Germany. The car’s ability to self-drive is quite impressive, leading the way for self-driving pizza cars! Some feature full-on screens inside the car, and no more “yo hand me the aux,” because you can wirelessly charge/connect your phone. Aside from cars, Tesla also sells powerwalls, even if you don’t own a Tesla car.

It is also very probable that you could buy a Tesla with Dogecoin in the near future. But Musk has other future plans other than counting how many Dogecoins he got from his Tesla sales. Musk is environmentally conscious; most of his projects have something to do with being green, such as using solar panels to charge EVs. As an entrepreneur, Musk understands the importance of goals. One of Tesla’s goals is to build a battery production factory so other car companies can supply their vehicles with Tesla batteries.

Lucid Motors

Lucid Motors is catching up to Tesla, especially ever since Elon moved Tesla from Freemont, California to Austin, Texas. Also, Musk can be unpredictable, which is another incentive for Lucid purchasers. Lucid Motors, previously named Antieva, was founded by Bernard Tse and Sam Weng in 2007. At first, they only sold EV batteries and power trains, but in 2014, the first Lucid EV design was introduced. It wasn’t until 2019 when they built their manufacturing factory, which started producing the Airs in 2020.

Lucid Motors’s factory is in Casa Grande, Arizona which is not far from their Silicon Valley headquarters. They are currently sold out of pre-orders for their Lucid Air sedans, which are hailed for their sports cars-level quality. Each Air starts at $77,000. The SUV Gravity starts at $90,000. The company is hyping up the car’s smooth ride, sleek design, and impressive technology. Their batteries have the same, maybe better quality than Teslas and will be capable of 4.5 miles per kWh, lasting longer than Tesla’s 4 miles per kWh. Lucid Air sedans will roll out sometime in 2021, so stay tuned. You’ll have to pre-order them if you want one.

In addition, like Tesla, Lucid Motors sells more than just electric vehicles. They also dabble in solar energy storage and other eco-friendly technology. EV batteries are their main focus. The company is partnered with Electrify America to establish more charging stations and their goal is to add 300 miles of power in 20 minutes. Their plan for the future is to continue perfecting EV battery technology.

Electric Car Race

As far as Tesla vs Lucid Motors, only time will tell who wins the electric car race. They both have the same goal of selling eco-friendly, top-of-the-line luxury electric vehicles. While Musk’s Tesla is currently in first place with the most sales, Lucid Motors is revving their engines hard to catch up. Seeing as they are sold out of their Air sedans, they are not too far behind. Like with actual races, they may alter between first and second place. One advantage that Lucid has over Tesla is the charging system. Telsa has a 250 KW charging system, while Electrify America has 350 KW. They both also have to look out for GM and their EV technology advancements. What if Tesla vs Lucid Motors became Tesla X Lucid Motors? Biden plans to offer tax incentives for buying an EV to encourage higher EV purchases, so you can test which one is better.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.