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According to a Consumer Reports survey released on Thursday, more than a quarter of Americans say they would not purchase an electric vehicle. 

The biggest obstacles to purchasing an EV continue to be price, range, and access to charging stations. The lack of knowledge about EVs, though, is a new factor that Consumer Reports has identified.

Of the 8,027 persons surveyed, 14% said they would certainly buy or lease an electric-only vehicle, while 57% said they would think about it, and 28% said they would not. Willingness to drive one was connected with age, income, and education levels.

According to the report, a major barrier to EV adoption is a lack of knowledge about the various tax incentives, the environmental impact, and how an EV operates. A whopping 46% of Americans are unaware of any incentives offered to EV owners.

“Some of us have questions about the transition to electric vehicles, as many of us are unfamiliar with them,” said Dr. Quinta Warren, associate director of sustainability policy for Consumer Reports. “Expanding charging options and elevating incentives, combined with education campaigns and getting more people to experience EVs personally, can all help drive adoption.”

When asked about their top three concerns about purchasing or leasing an EV, 61 % said they were worried about the logistics of charging, 55% said they would be concerned about how many miles the car could travel before needing a charge, and 52 percent mentioned the costs of purchasing, owning, and maintaining an EV.