How HQ Trivia Crashed

When HQ Trivia went live in 2018, it was an instant hit, generating a tremendous amount of mass appeal and gaining an immediate cult following that went beyond anyone’s expectations. They also had the blessings of the most influential people-from the celebrity-world to the investment


Walmart Under Fire For Possibly Contributing To The Opioid Crisis

A pharmacist’s duties include preparing and dispensing medicinal drugs. However in some cases, federal law requires pharmacists to play an even more important role. While a doctor prescribes drugs to their patients, it is up to the pharmacist to make sure that powerful drugs only


“Addiction is the entire reason for my success,” says former addict and CEO

A great leader is fearless, assertive, resourceful…a recovering addict? Meet Michael Brody-Waite: father, CEO, and author of Great Leaders Live Like Drug Addicts. When he was twenty-three, Michael suffered from drug addiction and his whole life revolved around finding ways to stay high. In his


Artist Spotlight: David Craig Ellis

Innovation comes in many forms. Meet the creative minds inspiring others through art. Brooklyn-based artist David Craig Ellis has lived a life that would make for any great movie plot. From burning down a classroom at 11, to being a member of a gang and then a rock band,


Does Epigenetics Prove We Are The Programmers Of Our DNA?

Epigenetics is the science that proves our bodies can heal through our thoughts, emotions, and intentions. Every thought or emotion holds a high vibration or low vibration. Our genetic code responds to each of these particular thoughts or feelings. Since the genetic code reacts to


Reversing the Impact Of Absentee Parenting

In parenting, what you do overrides what you say. Greg’s story highlights the harm absentee parenting can inflict on a child and what efforts can be made to reverse it. Child holding father’s hand Greg, The Teacher A certificated teacher for 24 years, Greg has


Are We Losing a Generation to Opioids?

Joyce and Calvin McGinn are the types of people who make an impression. Their numerous credentials and years working as medical professionals make their passionate speech about SUD all the more magnetic.