5 Easy Christmas Treats That Will Brighten Your Season

With the Christmas season literally right around the corner, why not try your hand at the world of snacking? Test out your masterful skills in the kitchen by throwing these 5 easy Christmas treats together: 1) Oreo Peppermint Truffles These are my FAVORITE. They are


5 Quick Recipes For The Guy On The Go

As young professionals, we are busy. Long commutes, meetings, projects and work days mean that, often, the last thing you want to dedicate your evenings or weekends to is cooking extravagant meals. These quick and versatile recipes are filling, healthy and easy to make ahead


Team-Building Ideas For When The Group Deserves A Break

Now that the World Health Organization has just brought more attention to the term “burnout” by expanding the definition of the syndrome, it might be a good time to think about planning a stress-free day for your team. Here’s our list of fun, team-building activities


How To Achieve Long-Term Diet Results

Many people go to extremes when trying to lose weight or get in shape. Whether it’s limiting all of your favorite food groups, trying out a new fad diet, or taking diet supplements, the results don’t seem to last longer than a few weeks. This


How Do Chefs Influence Tattoo Culture?

Tattoo trends come and go, but food tattoos are rooted in a passionate sub-culture of chefs and foodies that gives them serious staying power.

Why Antoni Porowski Is Our Style Icon

You already know that Queer Eye's food expert, Antoni Porowski, keeps it hot in the kitchen, but did you know that his closet sizzles, too?

How to Survive Thanksgiving With Your In-laws

Everybody gets nervous when they meet their significant other’s parents. But meeting up with your in-laws over Thanksgiving can be a little more stressful. Even if you’ve met them before, family holidays are a whole new ball game. You’re walking into family traditions you’ve never experienced,