Now that the World Health Organization has just brought more attention to the term “burnout” by expanding the definition of the syndrome, it might be a good time to think about planning a stress-free day for your team. Here’s our list of fun, team-building activities for when your co-workers have earned the right to turn on that coveted “Out Of Office” reply.

Get Creative in the Kitchen

Chef teaching group of coworkers how to balance a knife. Photo courtesy of Michael Faisca.

If you’ve ever dreamed of trying out for Top Chef, then team-building cooking classes might be a natural first step. Companies like My Cooking Party in NYC offer a variety of ways for teams to cook, eat and compete in the kitchen. Competitions can include mystery ingredients or a scramble to the grocery store; it all depends on just how adventurous you want to get.

Plan Your Escape…Together

Group of coworkers in escape room. Photo courtesy of Escape Dalton A Thrilling Experience

A trip to an escape room could be just the escape your team needs. Companies like Escaplogy will lock you and your colleagues in a room together for 60 minutes—no, there isn’t a call-in number—with only one item on the agenda: get out. Even if you don’t solve the puzzle, there’s no take-away action items or follow-up meetings. What’s not to love?

Help Solve a Crime

Actors on stage at a murder mystery show. Photo courtesy of Live in Theater

If your team goal on fun day is collaboration, then who could be better at encouraging cooperation than the Five-O? Not the real police, of course, but actors who need your help in solving a theatrical crime. Live In Theater hosts murder mystery interactive plays in NYC that allow everyone to be a detective for a day. It’s a good way to get the team out of the office and solving a mystery other than how their lunch disappeared from the breakroom fridge.

Go on Tour

Group of coworkers at museum tour. Photo courtesy of CourseHorse

If the weather is amazing, there is no good reason to be stuck inside staring at a computer screen. By all means take your team on a walking food tour or, better yet, a drinking crawl. If you can’t plan around the weather, then an indoor tour at a museum will still get you away from flowcharts and spreadsheets for a day. Museum Hack offers sassy group tours of museums that can be catered specifically to your whacky group of cohorts. Get ready to get your geek on.

Help Make the World a Better Place

Group of coworkers volunteering

Why not do something good for your team and the rest of the planet by scheduling a volunteer day? Taking an informal poll should help zero in on what your team is passionate about. Use the info to schedule a selfless day at a local food pantry, animal shelter, or senior community service. Now go ahead, and pat yourself on the back already.

What other team-building activities can you think of? Let us know down in the comments.