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Mask mandates have increased as more than 30 states have issued mandates to curb the spread of COVID-19. Most mandates are restricted to indoor public places such as supermarkets. However, some states require masks outside as well. This has become a challenge for fitness junkies who have complained that conventional masks absorb their sweat and cause difficulty in breathing during workouts. Because of this, they are in dire need of masks built for physical performance.

Under Armour Athletic Masks

In mid-June, Under Armour released their first sports masks, which sold out in an hour. Under Armour CEO Patrik Frisk claims that their masks have good airflow and are also fit for physical activities. The company started their mask-making business in April to help with the PPE shortage for the healthcare workers. When the CDC later stated that healthy people should also wear face masks, Under Armour then began making prototypes for athletes whose masks need to be lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Under Armour, therefore, used high textiles with cooling and anti-microbial features. The masks have a breathable filtration layer and air pockets designed to keep the masks off the face for better air circulation.

New Balance Athletic Masks

New Balance also released masks of their own in May. Their masks are three-layered without a moldable nose piece designed to keep the masks in place and also keep sunglasses from fogging up.

Reebok Athletic Masks

Rebook athletic mask concept art

Reebok recently shared some concept drawings of how their masks may evolve. There is one transparent design and another that combines organic matter like algae or moss for air purification by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Their most detailed athletic mask is a plastic full-face covering that includes anti-fog screen and ventilation. This version could also have audio, video, and virtual reality technology with an accompanying app that could monitor temperature and boost performance.

As more companies experiment with advanced textiles, technology, and designs, face masks will continue evolving for athletes and everyone else in the future.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.