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10 US Healthcare Startups Making Waves in 2022

The healthcare industry is under constant change and innovation. With the continuous advancements in medical technology, there is a growing demand for more efficient and effective treatments. This has given rise to many new startups in the healthcare industry that are providing cutting-edge solutions to


unMEAT Battles Spam with a Meatless Alternative.

If you want to liven up the discussion at the dinner table this weekend, here are a few ideas. You may bring up politics and give your thoughts on the midterm elections. You might also explain your honest thoughts about organized religion. But if none


Theme parks experiment with new business strategies.

If you’re looking for a thrill, this should bring back some fond memories. There is no greater heart-pounding, scream-inducing joy than riding roller coasters in a theme park. Many of these bizarre wonderlands were deserted during the epidemic, but they’re now back and ready for


CVS spends $8 billion on a home health care company.

House calls are an archaic notion in the medical sector that appears to exist primarily in old television series. However, having a doctor or nurse knock on your door may soon become commonplace. CVS made a major statement last week, even by CVS standards. The


Twitter Finally Unveils an Edit Button.

Some errors stick with us for the rest of our lives. That includes every fat finger error we’ve ever made in a tweet, for those of us who use Twitter. But, after repeated requests for an edit button similar to those seen on Facebook and


A potential cranberry scarcity might spoil Thanksgiving.

This isn’t a berry good sign. The heat wave is killing cranberry farms in Massachusetts, which might disrupt this year’s Thanksgiving celebrations. This implies that cranberry sauce and cosmopolitans are in jeopardy as the Northeast dry weather threatens crops and the whole industry. Ten of


Starbucks intends to improve service and boost morale.

Starbucks intends to invest $450 million next year to make its North American locations more efficient and less complicated, despite record sales and low staff morale. In addition, the firm stated that it intends to establish 2,000 net new locations in the United States by

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