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Being a parent throughout our time in this pandemic has been tougher than I can even imagine. And while all of the children are transitioning into a period of change and online learning, parenting has gone to a whole new level of difficult. Stacey Vanek Smith and Anya Kamenetz talk about the challenges that children and parents – specifically mothers – have to face in The Indicator From Planet Money “Parenting In The Time of Corona.”

Interviewing a mother from Indianapolis, Stacey and Anya get into the life that this mother has been living since her children went back to school online. Patrice Graham Adams has a full-time job that she is able to do remotely while taking care of her five children who are all tackling online learning. With all of them being different ages, the biggest conflict that Patrice has dealt with was making sure they had their own space to learn. After that obstacle, she needed to make sure that she was readily available in case one of her kids needed her, so she was always within ear shot distance. Alongside that, she wanted to make sure that they had time to get out and get away from being at school all day. She would have trips to the front yard where her and her children would just breath in the fresh air and take their minds off of work and school. Finding a balance in all of these things has helped Patrice juggle a mother/work-life relationship.

However, it isn’t as simple for other parents. Finding the balance has been more and more complicated as children go back to school. Statistics have shown that nearly 5,000 mothers chose to leave the workforce to be present with their children during this lifestyle shift. This new period of change in our lives has made working and parenting even harder and it only seems to be getting worse the more online learning seems to be permanent.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.