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Amazon is a HUGE company that has been adding tons of new features and new fun things to their arsenal this year. All of these things include Amazon Explore and Amazon Fresh, which we wrote about before. But a big curveball that I didn’t expect to see from Amazon this year is Amazon Pharmacy.

You would think because they’ve been surprising us all year with the awesome things they released already that I wouldn’t be so surprised, but I truly was! Amazon Pharmacy is a fully online and mobile prescription medication ordering and fulfillment service. You can use your own secure profile and add information to it, manage your prescriptions and choose your method of payment like you would any other purchase with Amazon.

Alongside that, they have a self-service help center where you can chat with pharmacists over the phone for any advice or questions you have about your medication. Amazon’s Pharmacy has come at the perfect time because we are all looking for ways to reduce our contact with people even if that includes contact for your medication. Having Amazon deliver the medicine that you need not only gets the medication to you fast with its two-day shipping, but it helps reduce the spread and that is a big step forward for everyone. 

Amazon Pharmacy knows that medication can be expensive, so they make sure to give those who have Amazon Prime some discounts. They can save members up to 80% off of the generic brands of medication they need or 40% off of brand name medications when paying without insurance. If you are using insurance, they should be able to cover the same costs they would being in a physical .  

Amazon is branching out of their bubble of typical online shopping and making something new. Truly, I think Amazon is wanting to slowly take over the world. Only time will tell what other new thing Amazon has up their sleeves.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.