Throughout our time in this pandemic, we’ve experienced a lot of major life changes. Events were put on hold and life just seemed to freeze for a while. But now, as restaurants and other facilities are starting to open up again, it’s starting to feel back to normal. But at what cost?

Alongside restaurants, gyms and non-essential shopping stores, movie theaters have re-opened their doors, following guidelines they like to call “CinemaSafe.” David Brown in Business Wars Daily, “Can Movie Theaters Woo Audiences Back with Blockbuster Film – and Pandemic Precautions?” talks all about this new safety protocol that opening movie theaters must follow. The new normal for what we’ve seen while places re-open is the same for movie theaters. All customers must wear masks, hand sanitizing stations will be accessible, and following social distancing guidelines is required. The staff will enhance their cleaning, ticket sales will be made available through your mobile device or online and fewer people are allowed inside one theater at a time. But the real kicker…No seconds when it comes to popcorn.

While the big blockbuster movies of the year are coming out, it is predicted that 80% of movie theaters will be open and ready for business. However, theaters in California and New York are to remain closed due to the intensity of the virus.

There are a lot of questions whether or not this re-opening is a good idea, or just a breeding ground for the virus we all have been battling for the past seven months. The truth is, it’s hard to tell. Of course, we all want to get back to our lives and start doing things that we used to do, but at the same time we are still facing up against a giant enemy – one that we haven’t figured out how to beat yet. Ultimately, it is a huge risk, one that only you can weigh for yourself.

Are you ready to head back into movie theaters despite the coronavirus pandemic? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.