Gamers Will Love This…Movie Theaters Are Now Renting Out Rooms To You

For the past year, we have been wondering how businesses like movie theaters aren’t done for yet. Some have been on the verge of bankruptcy and others have been completely shut down in states nationwide. There were talks about having certain cinemas open up for


Here’s What You Have To Do To Go Back Into Movie Theaters

Throughout our time in this pandemic, we’ve experienced a lot of major life changes. Events were put on hold and life just seemed to freeze for a while. But now, as restaurants and other facilities are starting to open up again, it’s starting to feel


Team-Building Ideas For When The Group Deserves A Break

Now that the World Health Organization has just brought more attention to the term “burnout” by expanding the definition of the syndrome, it might be a good time to think about planning a stress-free day for your team. Here’s our list of fun, team-building activities