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You’ve enjoyed his iMacs, his iPhones, his iPads. You’ve thrilled at the way he said “aluminium” [sic]. You’ve admired the typeface. But are you ready for the $60,000 turntable? Well, you better make up your mind fast because Linn is producing only 250 of these exclusive handmade beauties.

A record player may not seem like a natural progression for Jony Ive’s post-Apple career, but then again, nothing about his post-Apple journey has followed a predictable path. And you know what? More power to him. As Apple’s former chief designer officer, Ive is unlikely to be short of funds, so who can blame him for indulging in a little bit of fun?

Ive, along with his firm LoveFrom, has embarked on a passion project called Sondek LP12-50, which serves as a loving tribute to Linn’s iconic Sondek LP12 turntable on its 50th anniversary. The original version, introduced in 1972, boasted a relatively minimalist design for its time. However, Ive and his team have taken it to the next level. Out goes the 70s-style wooden aesthetic, replaced by the clean industrial lines that we have come to expect from the man who helped bring the world the iPod.

“When a product becomes widely recognized and respected, and certain design elements become familiar, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are optimal,” Ive explained in an interview with Fortune. “Especially when you have products that attain iconic status and carry cultural significance, it’s easy to assume that they are beyond improvement. Evaluating and enhancing such a product is a challenging design problem that requires utmost respect.”

Consider this scenario: Paul McCartney calls you up and asks you to cover “Yesterday.” How closely do you stick to the original? In this case, certain elements of the suspended sub-chassis system had to be preserved to maintain the turntable’s signature sound. LoveFrom’s challenge was to creatively reimagine those elements while staying true to their essence.

Naturally, some mechanical changes were made to ensure the turntable keeps up with the times. Linn explains, “The sonic improvement comes from Linn’s revolutionary Bedrok™ plinth technology. It comprises orthogonal layers of beech that are subjected to extreme pressure, resulting in an entirely new, solid, and substantial material. The resulting ultra-dense wood minimizes resonance and provides superior isolation for the turntable’s mechanism.”

Jony Ive’s foray into the world of high-end turntables may seem unexpected, but it’s a testament to his curiosity and desire to explore new design territories. The Sondek LP12-50 celebrates the legacy of an iconic product while pushing the boundaries of craftsmanship and sonic excellence. For those lucky enough to acquire one of the limited 250 units, it promises to be a truly remarkable and exceptional audio experience.