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Have you been thinking of going meatless lately? Are you looking to try it out for size and see if your body would appreciate the plant-based alternative for meat? Well, you’re actually in luck.

Impossible Foods is considering dropping their prices to make it easier for you to want to purchase their products at the grocery store. After the buzz about this meat alternative first started a few years ago, Beyond and Impossible were waiting for the right moment to drop their prices and make it more obtainable for the average, meat-eating Joe. And now might just be the perfect time.

Not only is this price drop a strategy made by the Impossible company to make their meatless products more attractive, but it is actually a good way to get people to go meatless! Think about it, if the plant-based meat—which tastes just like meat derived from an animal would—costs less than the animal-based meat, wouldn’t you want to at least try it out? And who knows, after you find out about all the amazing qualities of going plant-based and the similarity of flavors, you might just like it enough to stick with it!

The company is planning on cutting their prices by 15%. They want to get as low as paying $7.00 for a pound of ground “beef” and $5.00 for four patties. With this change in pricing, it gives customers a better chance at buying the Impossible meat and gives the company a chance to make a difference in our diets.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.