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Gig-work, which refers to the gig economy, is growing in popularity. Working when you want and being your own boss may interest you if you are interested in gig economy jobs. In recent years, gig work via internet platforms has become increasingly popular, particularly rides and grocery deliveries. According to the Pew Research Center, 19% of people have earned money through gig work. That number increases to 43% among people under 30. However, these companies are now facing the same issues as other companies. A lack of delivery drivers means that the company cannot provide its primary service, let alone grow. As a result, some delivery companies are recruiting drivers in order to solve this problem.

DoorDash’s gas rewards program, which was introduced in early 2018, has been expanded, according to a press release. Drivers referred to as dashers get ten percent cash back on gas purchased on the company’s prepaid dasher business Visa cards, according to the release. DoorDash monitors gas prices throughout the summer and decides on the program’s future based on those results. In addition to the standard weekly deliveries, dashers who cover more than 100 miles get an additional five dollars, according to CNBC. DoorDash works with several third-party providers to offer services like car maintenance and painting at discounted prices. The company recently introduced a program that lets drivers access their earnings instantly. It’s a strategy to get drivers to accept faster payment than Grubhub.

There is a 50-cent charge for drivers to withdraw up to $500 from Grubhub onto a prepaid Visa debit card per day. Grubhub recently expanded its mileage-based compensation as well, although it did not disclose by how much. Grubhub also offers third-party incentives like DoorDash. Drivers, however, are less likely to be intrigued by financial incentives than they are to innovate. To attract drivers to participate, DoorDash is now testing an ultra-fast delivery service in New York City. New Yorkers in the Chelsea neighbourhood can select from around 2,000 options and receive their deliveries in fifteen minutes or less, according to a company announcement. A number of New York City neighbourhoods will soon roll out the pilot program. When you need cream for your coffee, it will arrive in a jiffy.

DoorDash has adopted the approach of hiring employees instead of independent contractors to man the delivery service, according to TechCrunch. DoorDash has established a new company, Dashcord, in order to employ the drivers. Drivers will have more regular working hours and managers, in addition to earning $15 per hour plus tips. Furthermore, they will be eligible for benefits like health insurance and flexible spending accounts, among other things. It’s not clear whether DoorDash will use employees for other jobs. As competitors scramble for drivers, these firms are racing to deliver products.

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