Delivery Apps: Who will you choose?

Gig-work, which refers to the gig economy, is growing in popularity. Working when you want and being your own boss may interest you if you are interested in gig economy jobs. In recent years, gig work via internet platforms has become increasingly popular, particularly rides


DoorDash Employs Full-Time Drivers With New ‘Ultra-Fast’ Delivery

DoorDash announced on Monday that it will be introducing its new “ultra-fast” delivery service that offers a 15 minute or less delivery time. This new endeavor will begin with a DashMart in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City which will sell groceries, household goods,


The Pandemic Gave Gig Workers A Voice For Better Coverage

In 2020, we experienced a lot of downfall as a country. From the pandemic to the horrible economy to gig workers not getting the pay or coverage they deserve, 2020 was the year of disaster. But one of the upsides to last year was the