Today’s society is more environmentally aware. We do our part to keep the country clean and healthy. Recycling waste, reusable water bottles, and conserving water are current efforts. Marc Lore (billionaire investor) and Bjarke Ingels (CEO of BIG) teamed up to create an even bigger splash in the eco-friendly pond with their new project, Telosa.

Telosa’s mission, which will see a city built from scratch in the desert of the Western USA, is sustainability. The name comes from a term coined by Aristotle, meaning highest power. Blueprints from the project shows a vision of immersing three levels. They want the city to have: New York’s vibrancy, Tokyo’s efficiency, cleanliness, and Stockholm’s Social Services and governess. One that sees the expansion of human potential.

In conclusion, the projects sound good in theory. However, I believe they are taking on more than they can manage. A city spanning 150,000 acres and housing five million people cannot be truly eco-friendly. Human error is high, and the resources will be stretched to the limit. Look at Vegas; they have drought challenges now. The next ten years will certainly be interesting as they believe people can move to Telosa by 2030.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.