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The mobile gaming industry is rapidly growing and is only expected to reach new highs in the near future. At the moment, developing a mobile game truly seems like a lucrative and rewarding opportunity, but success in this field is unfortunately not guaranteed. Considering the ambitious and competitive nature of the industry, specific steps need to be taken in an effort to improve your chances of prosperity. With that in mind, here are some of the best, most effective tips that will allow you to create a successful mobile game.

The mobile gaming industry is incredibly broad, with some genres being more prominent than others and popular at different periods. If you want to increase the chances of your game gaining popularity among users, sticking to mainstream genres can be a good solution, but your product must be distinct, unique, and interesting enough to compete with large companies.

On the other hand, exploring the latest trends and going for more niche mobile game genres might prove to be a more viable solution for smaller companies. With lower competition and an often particularly interested audience, niche games could end up being more visible to users, although they likely won’t grow quite as rapidly.

Most Popular Mobile Games To Play In 2022

PUBG Mobile

As one of the most downloaded games in 2021, PBUG has millions of players all over the world. It was released in March 2018 by Lightspeed & Quantum Studios of Tencent Games. Today, it is ranked as the best Battle Royale title for mobile devices—the latest tailor-made mobile emulator to provide highly optimized gameplay for max performance.

Candy Crush Saga

With thousands of levels in this game, Candy Crush Saga is still today’s most popular free-to-play game. Players have to complete levels by swapping colored pieces on a game board. The game was released by King on April 12, 2012.

Genshin Impact

Dive into the world of fantasy with the most popular RPG game in 2021! Released on September 28, 2020, Genshin Impact gain its popularity with the outstanding graphic by high-quality 2D anime and 3D at the same time. Today, the number of downloads of this mobile game is more than 10 million on Google play alone.

Plan Monetization in Advance

After all, your mobile game is your product, and your main goal should be to monetize it efficiently in order to reach success. While creating a paid game might seem like the easiest and most logical way to make a profit, this option is often more suitable for established companies with larger fanbases, as it might not guarantee a favorable outcome otherwise.

Instead, smaller companies should consider free-to-play games and look into other forms of monetization, such as in-app ads, in-app purchases, and subscription models. No matter which solution you opt for, establishing a monetization model, identifying the selling process, and creating a clear outline of the chosen model in advance is crucial for creating a more efficient and profitable product.

Work with the Best Developers

Venturing into the world of mobile gaming can be a challenging and demanding process for any company, but especially startups and businesses with smaller, more inexperienced teams. That is why hiring professional mobile game development services from an experienced and reputable agency can be quite beneficial for any business.

Apart from providing innovative game solutions and helping turn your ideas into a successful product, a professional agency will be able to deliver even more aspects of game development that are easily overlooked. From strategy to implementation, including monitoring post-launch, such experts will bring your mobile game to life and ensure it’s a successful and profitable project.

Look for Professional Feedback

Game tester playing mobile game
Game tester playing mobile game

New developers will often devote their attention to user feedback and their own feelings and expectations. Although these aspects are important, they won’t always provide you with the clearest insights or the best ways to move forward. For that reason, seeking professional feedback from established publishers is always advised after developing a mobile game.

Experts who have worked in this industry for a number of years, or even decades, will have a skilled vision and the ability to indicate any hidden issues like too simple and tedious game levels or confusing navigation. As a result, a review from a mobile game development professional will give you the opportunity to quickly fix any problems, leading to a more successful product.

Use the Right Marketing Tactics

When launching your mobile game, marketing will be one of the most important tools you can invest in, as it will allow you to improve visibility, reach a wider audience, and increase your chances of success. To that end, consider the simplest and most popular marketing tactics first, such as advertising on social media platforms and partnering with game blogs and influencers.

Then, consider the more traditional aspects of marketing as well, like developing your brand image, creating a unique game vision, determining the most important campaign goals, and following your key performance indicators. The more different tactics you invest in, the more insights into potential improvements you will get, and the higher your chances of achieving success will be.

Even though the mobile game industry can often be demanding, it could also turn out to be quite rewarding. As long as you follow the helpful advice mentioned above, you too can reap the benefits of mobile game development and reach success with your brilliant product.

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