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Netflix Soars in Membership but Silent on Future Subscriber Figures

In the dimly lit room, the old clock ticked away, its rhythmic sound echoing through the stillness. The smell of aged books filled the air, mingling with the faint scent of lavender. A single beam of moonlight illuminated a desk cluttered with papers and a quill pen, casting a soft glow on the worn wooden floor. Outside, the world was asleep, wrapped in the embrace of night, while inside, a writer sat, lost in a world of their own creation, penning tales that would captivate readers for generations to come.

Effective Tips For Creating A Successful Mobile Game In 2022

The mobile gaming industry is rapidly growing and is only expected to reach new highs in the near future. At the moment, developing a mobile game truly seems like a lucrative and rewarding opportunity, but success in this field is unfortunately not guaranteed. Considering the


Your Favorite Video Game Characters Could Be Wearing Nikes Soon

Have you ever wished you could save the world as Sonic while running around in a brand new pair of Nikes? Well, that dream may become a reality soon enough. Recently, Nike filed trademark applications for virtual shoes. This trademark covers digital shoes that appear


Netflix’s Next Big Move: Video Games Here We Come

Netflix recently spoke out about the company’s aspirations to include video games in its services. Their explanation of the expanding of the company’s services was very expected as usual. Greg Peters, Netflix’s CEO, explained that “The success of this initiative is about great games, fundamentally.”


Everything You Need To Know About Fornite’s Lawsuit Against Apple

If you’ve never played Fortnite before, you’re at least aware of its existence. The ubiquitous game has infiltrated every level of pop culture; its floss dance has been used in movies, TV commercials, and video games. Even the game itself was featured in the biggest

Bruce Greene

Bruce Greene, Twitch’s Newest Entrepreneur

Innovation comes in many forms. Meet the creative minds inspiring others through art. When it comes to building video game streaming into a business brand, no one has quite a unique perspective as Bruce Greene. Bruce is the former manager and one of the seven