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Valve Corporation, developer of the software distribution platform Steam, is throwing its hat into the gaming console ring by introducing its new handheld Steam Deck. In addition to the standard D-pad, four face buttons, bumpers, and triggers found on most gaming controls, the device features a seven-inch screen, two full-sized thumbsticks, and four rear buttons. These customizable rear buttons will make anyone used to playing with pro-style controllers like the Xbox Elite much more comfortable in handling their gaming device. One of the downsides is that the face buttons appear to be as small as the Nintendo Switch’s, which can be awkward for anyone not accustomed to playing with handheld consoles.

Some of the most unique features the Steam Deck comes equipped with are two precision track pads, which are great for games best played with a computer mouse. These track pads, along with the thumbsticks, contain capacitive sensors so they can tell when a user’s fingers are in contact with them. In addition, users will be able to use a keyboard for dual thumb typing that can be mapped to different screen areas.

Perhaps what is most remarkable about the Steam Deck compared to the Nintendo Switch is that the Steam Deck also functions as a desktop. By connecting it to a monitor via a USB-C dock and adding an external keyboard, users can take their handheld games and play them while seated at a desk, just like a computer. The new handheld gaming console comes in three different models and prices:

Steam Deck Models and Prices
  • 64 GB for $399
  • 256 GB for $529
  • 512 GB for $649

All of the Steam Deck’s storage devices are SSDs (solid-state drives), but the two higher priced models use NVMes (nonvolatile memory express), which enables faster load times. Although the internal storage of each of these models cannot be upgraded, SD cards can be swapped in for added storage. To see Valve’s new Steam Deck for yourself, check out IGN‘s review in the video above.

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This article originally published on GREY Journal.