Wide marketing reach is expedient for the growth of every business, irrespective of the business size. However, it is more important for small businesses and startups because it is a significant determinate of such businesses’ success. As such, start-up and small business owners exert efforts and resources to ensure their marketing campaign reaches a wide target audience.

Fortunately, technological advancement has made it easier and faster to reach a large, diverse audience with less effort and cost. With some automated marketing apps, you can reach your target audience and improve your sales without spending much.

The 10 top apps that can help you improve your marketing reach are as follow:

#10 Instapage

In digital marketing, a landing page works like magic to help brands get discovered and maximize conversion rate. Instapage is an efficient app for creating an appealing landing page that generates leads and increases sales. It is a leading post-click automation app that can massively increase your business reach.

It effectively enhances small business growth because it makes it more discoverable. Instapage has no learning curve; it’s easy to set up and create a high-performing landing page. It provides you awesome personalization option allowing you to build a customized, unique landing page that drives traffic to your site and influences conversion rate.

Link to InstaPage

#9 Drip

Another way to reach a wider audience and keep them updated is through automated marketing. Drip is specifically built for small businesses and start-ups. It offers automation tools that help you create personalized marketing emails, tag users based on various customized categories, and create a customized point system based on user’s actions to rate their strength as a lead.

drip screenshot

It drips feed content and alerts your users depending on their actions. Finally, drip allows you to track your performance through its conversion dashboard.

Link to Drip

#8 Callrail

Callrail offers tools that allow small business owners and data-driven marketers to drive more reliable leads, centralized communication, and convert leads to customers. Callrail is crucial for small businesses because it helps get quality inbound leads that foster small businesses’ success and growth. The app allows you to review all call transcripts and tracks conversion, interaction, and keywords.

Callrail direct integration with Google analytics saves time and provides you helpful marketing insights.  It is easy to use and allows you to incorporate your call lead into your data-driven marketing strategy.

Link to CallRail

#7 SocialBee

Social media marketing is a vital marketing strategy for small businesses to reach a wider audience. SocialBee provides several tools that guarantee effective social media management. With SocialBee, you get all-in-one tools that ensure content posting, content recycling, post scheduling, content categorization, bulk editing, and multiple channel posting.

SocialBee is a must-have for small businesses because it help handles marketing, planning, scheduling, content management, and access to various social media platforms. SocialBee offers a free trial.

Link to SocialBee

#6 PageCloud

PageCloud is exceptional for building a business website without tech knowledge. With PageCloud, you can set up a beautiful business website by yourself. PageCloud offers several professional templates and allows you to build a customized website that meets your unique business needs with its drag-and-drop feature.

PageCloud provides a fast-loading page, SEO enabling tools that drive traffic to your site, and tons of features that help convert leads. It also makes it easy to sell online and track your marketing performance.

Link to PageCloud

#5 Zymplify

Zymplift is a marketing automated platform with multiple features that supports business growth at an affordable rate. This makes it an ideal automated platform for small businesses.  Zmplify helps target your audience and effectively delivers your marketing campaign to them. Zymplify comes with awesome features which enhance website marketing, email marketing,  mobile marketing, social marketing, and multichannel marketing. Zmplify works support Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, and Web base. It also has multiple integration opportunities.

It can be sync with Google Analytics, Facebook, Google Adwords, Zendesk, WordPress, Salesforce, YouTube, and many more.

Link to Zymplify

#4 Oribi

Oribi is a powerful alternative to Google analytics. It offers a dashboard that contains actionable insights for making solid data-driven marketing decisions. It allows you to track goals and know more about your website performance. Its report is very easy to interpret. If you want to try something new aside from Google Analytics, you can opt for oribi free trial.

Link to Oribi

#3 Maropost Marketing Cloud

This is a marketing automated platform that allows companies to acquire, engage convert prospects to customers quickly. Maropost comes with many fantastic features that simplify your cross-channel customer engagement.

Link to Maropost

#2 Engage Bay

Engagebay is a simple all-in-one marketing sales service automated platform with free CRM custom-built for small and medium businesses. EngageBay enhances your companies to acquire, engage and convert website visitors to happy customers, consequently improving your business growth.

It’s easy to use and comes with free live chat software and other excellent features at an affordable price.

Link to Engage Bay

#1 Landbot

Landbot is the most intuitive chatbot builder for websites, WhatsApp and Messenger. It automates lead capturing, customer support, surveys, and more. Landbot is very easy to use and requires no code for creating a conversational app.

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This article was originally published on GREY Journal.