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The food industry got a huge boost when delivery companies like Uber Eats and Doordash knocked on the door. These businesses skyrocketed even more when indoor dining was suspended due to the pandemic in 2020. Below are some of the key players that will disrupt food startups as we get further into 2021.

Daily Harvest

Founded 2014

Founded in New York, New York, Daily Harvest’s food is built on organic, whole, fruits and vegetables.  They believe good food, that is both nourishing and delicious, starts with the dirt.

They work directly with their farmers to grow the best produce, harvest it at the right time, and freeze it all at the source to lock in that amazing flavor and unmatched nutrition. This way, as you incorporate more fruit and vegetables into your life, your food actually nourishes on a level you can feel.

And it tastes pretty incredible too.  

Dailey Harvest creates food that consumers want to eat and delivers it directly to them. By making food people crave, and ensuring it’s also quick to make and always on hand, they make it easier for people to eat more fruits and vegetables every day.  

Their regenerative approach also means you don’t need to worry about where your food comes from or what its impact will be on yourself, your family, or the planet. They pour many resources into reducing farm waste, prioritizing organic farming practices, and going the extra mile for sustainable packaging.

95% of their ingredients are organic and have no fillers, gums, refined sugars, harmful oils, stabilizers or artificial anything in their food.

IWON Organics

Founded 2016

Founded in Corte Madera, CA, IWON highlights the quality energy boost you get by eating real foods and the satisfaction from eating well on the run. They promote this positive, feel-good vibe into making their flavor-infused, organic, and protein snacks.  

The balanced nutritional profile of their on the go snacks comes from high-quality plant-based proteins like peas, beans, and brown rice. These ingredients are all proven to provide the fuel you need for an active and healthy lifestyle.

They call themselves IWON because they believe most people don’t actually believe that they “win” when it comes to food. IWON suggests the problem is people eat too many carbohydrates. The answer, instead of feeling badly, is to balance the carb intake with protein and good fats, all from real food.

People also need to like what they’re eating, and it’s tough to balance those things so that’s why IWON is there to help.

“I’m Winning On Nutrition” is IWON’s slogan. IWON promotes long-term, successful eating habits, based on sustainable principles: eating the real foods that everyone knows have a positive impact on how they look and feel and to enjoy your food.

For IWON it’s all about balanced nutrition.  


Founded 2016

Founded in Vancouver, Canada, Smartsweets founder Tara Bosch sought to revolutionize the sweets industry. Wanting to kick sugar, but keep candy, she armed herself with a gummy bear mold and started recipe tasting in her kitchen day and night.

Smartsweets is relentlessly focused on researching, testing, and choosing the most advanced, natural ingredients to create delicious candy. Every ingredient they use is non-GMO, always real, and never artificial. They cut out the sugar, weird artificial colors, and high calories of traditional sweets.

Their candies are made with soluble plant-based fibers so you can enjoy their sugar-free candy, while getting in a healthy amount of fiber too. The ingredients of the candies are also free from common allergens. All of their candy innovations are also free from gluten, dairy, tree nuts, and peanut ingredients.

The food business is not new, but the industry grew almost ten times as large in the past 10 years. Companies are using various technologies and methods to serve their potential customers, and that is good for customers since they get ample options to choose from and make better decisions.

According to the latest reports, the global food business will hit 1.2 trillion by 2030 and following Covid-19, things are anticipated to get back to normal during the remainder of 2021. Market experts see the technological advances, as the top startups listed above, as only growing in the near-term.

What are some other top food startups disrupting the industry in 2021? Let us know down in the comments.

This article originally published on GREY Journal.