A Look back to 2021: The Biggest Events in the Startup World

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 was a year of significant growth and innovation for the startup world. Here are some of the biggest events that happened in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation in 2021. The Surge in SPACs Special Purpose


6 Undeniable Trends For Hiring After Covid

Covid-19 pandemic forces the world to bend in so many ways. The situation surrounding it accelerated new trends in the corporate world, resulting in a huge shift in hiring and workers’ responsibilities. Hiring radically took a new turn at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic,


How We Can Change Today’s New Normal Together

The masks are coming off, groups are once again gathering, planes are packed. It feels like we are starting a new normal with the way things are opening up. But are we really living a new way, or have we just succumbed to a new all-time low?


Leslie Hunt Ascends To New Artistic Heights

“I feel a responsibility to speak out on the things that I feel strongly convicted about, but sometimes it does come at a cost.” Growing up in a family that encouraged the creative arts, Leslie Hunt realized from an early age that she wanted to


How Are The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Dressing In 2022?

Business suit, waist coat, and tie. That was the business world uniform from time immemorial. But no longer. These days casual wear is the uniform of the entrepreneur. I am of the age when this wasn’t the norm. If you were a business person you


Why Toxic Productivity Culture Engulfed Entrepreneurs In 2020

Feel like you’re worthless if you’re not working 24/7? That you won’t succeed unless you’re hustling to the point of exhaustion? Spoiler alert: you’re probably a victim of toxic productivity culture. The cure? Keep reading. How Entrepreneurs Handled Productivity in 2020 Entrepreneur working late from bed


Why You Need To Ditch Slack Along With 2020

Are you familiar with Slack, the instant message app that is supposed to allow you to combine chats with emails into one? With most of the business world shifting to remote work during the pandemic, apps like Slack, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, and Flock make


5 Healthy Habits You Need To Adopt Before 2022

As the year of 2021 comes creeping around the corner, everyone is thinking about what their New Years resolutions are going to look like in the midst of a pandemic. It’s going to be a weird transition and it’s going to be different than all


What Small Things Can You Do To Stay Productive As Seasons Change?

When daylight saving time hit and we all gained an hour more of sleep, it finally felt like the winter was coming. With the colder weather approaching and the holiday cheer just around the bend, I started taking notice to how my productivity towards certain


How To Launch Your Own Startup From Scratch In 2022

Here’s an idea “What is the most resilient parasite? Bacteria? A virus? No. An idea. Resilient and highly contagious.” – Dom Cobb, Inception  If you are truly looking to start a new business venture from scratch, then you need an idea. Ideas can come from


Your Strategy Guide On The Types Of Entrepreneurship Updated For 2022

Entrepreneur. It’s a word you hear every day. What exactly does it mean? A simple answer is that an entrepreneur is a person who is his own boss—someone who runs his or her own business—and takes on a great risk to do so. Before you


The Challenges Of Preparing For A COVID-Free Future With A Vaccine

The future of our country has been a hard thing to look into since the beginning of the pandemic. With most of the news being so laser focused on the recent election, it’s hard to even think about anything COVID-19 related, let alone continue to


2023 Business Trends Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Staying up to date with business trends will help you stay ahead of your competition. You must know what people want and what you can do to make your business as desirable as possible. Here are some business trends we saw pop up in 2023