A big chunk of the American workforce is currently working from home. Meanwhile, most schools have adapted virtual learning. This means that many adults have to juggle watching their child and working their 9-5 simultaneously. While the worker must adapt to these changes, their employers must adapt, as well.

Employers have the common goal of making sure work is getting done and the company succeeds. However, in this new normal, managers must take home life into consideration, possibly more than ever before. Many managers want to appear sympathetic and show an understanding for what their employees, especially parents, are going through. In fact, 100% of managers believe that they do a good job at considering their employees personal lives. However, only 50% of said employees feel as though they are understood. Ultimately, employees who feel seen by management, get their work done more efficiently.

Having flexibility for employees in tough times has been proven beneficial. It is critical for management to prioritize tasks. If there are tasks that do not need to be completed within a tight deadline, extend the deadline for seven days instead of a Monday though Friday deadline. In some situations, a two week deadline could be beneficial. If work is not getting done after management is shown to be flexible, then there lies a separate issue. Giving parents the benefit of the doubt and understanding that their hands might be full will help the company in the long run. If an employee knows that their employers values their time, they are much more likely to respect company’s time and get their work done as soon as possible.

If a person is stressed out with meeting a deadline but they have a crying baby in the other room, they most likely will get the job done; however, the quality of work might be less than subpar. It is crucial for employers to be flexible with employees, especially parents, in these trying times. If not, the only result one will see is unhappiness from both management and employees.

What are some other ways managers can keep employees happy? Let us know down in the comments.

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This article was originally published in GREY Journal.